Collection Policy

Mission Statement

Dedicated to the preservation, documentation, and presentation of the history of the Town of Southwest Harbor since, and prior to incorporation as a Town in 1905.

Collection Policy

The Society actively collects materials relating to the history, development, and families of the Town of Southwest Harbor and neighboring Norwood Cove, Greening Island, Manset, and Seawall. All donated materials must have a signed “Deed of Gift” from the donor before the items can be registered in the accession log. The accession log reflects the holdings of the Society and all items will have an accession number. Items donated, bequeathed, or found without a Deed of Gift will be reviewed for accession by the elected officers. Materials loaned to the Society will have specific dates set for the duration of the loan.


Photographic images in any form may be donated or loaned to the Society. Loaned images must have a loan agreement with the Society in which it states the specific rights of the Society to copy, reproduce, or display the image. Exceptions to this agreement are the responsibility of the owner.


Materials collected, stored, displayed and/or reproduced will be maintained to the highest possible standards, using appropriate archival and acid-free storage containers. All due considerations will be given to maintaining the best possible environmental controls and security.


All materials belonging to the Society will remain in the archival room. Research, copying, reformatting, cleaning, and repairing will occur in the archival room unless an item needs to be sent to a professional conservator or other specialist. A user log will be maintained, including the name, date, material, use.


The Society reserves the right to deaccession materials that become damaged or do not meet the objectives of the organizational mission statement. At least three trustees and the officers must concur with each deaccession.



Voted and established by the Board of Directors, 8 March 2010

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