2008 Events

Public Presentations

All presentations feature slides and audience discussion.

All occur at 7 pm, on the third Wednesday of the month, at the SWH American Legion Hall, unless otherwise noted.

2008 Presentations
Time: 7pm
Place Subject
21 May SWH American Legion Hall World War II: Home and Away
18 June SWH American Legion Hall The Gertrude Clark Diaries, presented by Ralph Stanley
16 July SWH American Legion Hall Development of Fernald Point and the Jesuit Colony
20 August SWH American Legion Hall Bootlegging! The Journal of Howe Higgans, a Warden during Prohibition, presented by Ralph Stanley
17 September SWH American Legion Hall Canneries
15 October SWH American Legion Hall Hinckley Boats
TBA = To be announced

Business Meetings (Open to the public)

All business meetings are held at 7:00 pm, on the first Monday of the month, at the SWH Chamber of Commerce, unless otherwise noted.

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