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Item # Description Date donated Location: Large posters, paintings=ART
General storage shelves =GS, NL=not located
00001.0 SWH high school graduates, old class pictures 2/2006 NL
00002.0 Creation and Growth of Acadia National Park. MDI Historical Society. Report. 2/2006 NL
00003.0 Manset from Ocean House Hill. Shows sluice and Stanley Fisheries Ice House and Manset shore. Matted tinted photo. 8" x 9 1/2" 2/2006 File: Manset Shore
00004.0 Sign: Deep Sea Fishing. 6 am. Found in Vance Frost house, Wood Ave. 24"x6" 8/2012 Corridor wall
00006.0 "The Marsh," Painting by George Noyes 11/2006 ART
00007.0 Centennial Fireworks over harbor. Color photo by Anne Wetzel. 5"x7" 9/2012 File: Centennial
00008.0 Lauriat house, Clark Point Road. Picture 3/2007 NL
00009.0 Town baseball team uniform worn by Don Reed. Clothing. 7/2007 Box 6
00010.1 J.N. Mills Oil Co. ledger #1. Southwest Harbor, 1960s &70s 8/2007 Books
00010.2 J.N. Mills Oil Co. ledger #2. Tremont, 1960s & 70s 8/2007 Books
00010.3 J.N. Mills Oil Co. ledger #3. Mt. Desert & Manset, 1960s & 70s 8/2007 Books
00011.0 Information packet on George Gains Swanson & Katrina Welles Swanson 11/2007 File: Swanson
00012.1 Whitmore family Genealogy 11/2007 File: Whitmore family
00012.2 Galley family Genealogy 11/2007 File: Galley family
00013.0 Hancock, article about the father of the donor 2/2008 NL
00014.0 Letter written Jan. 30, 1877 to Thomas Lawton from "Sam." 3/2008 File: Lawton, Thomas
00015.0 L.S. Robinson yardsticks. 2 - one real estate, one hardware store. 3/2008 NL
00016.0 Tremont School. Book and CD on Veterans interviews that were done with the students 6/2008 NL
00017.0 Items from the Lurvey house on Robinson Hill Road 6/2008 NL
00018.0 Handmade doll of a Jesuit Priest Celia Dunham made in the 1970s 6/2008 Box 2
00019.0 Old papers from Sylvester and Nellie Dorr 7/2008 Box 8
00021.0 Wooden sign, Eagle's Perch Tea House, Jesuit Meadow, SWH, found at a lawn sale 8/2008 ART
00023.0 Freeman Store Ledger. From Stonington store. 7/2009 Books
00024.0 Book "Songs in the Wood" 7/2009 NL
00025.0 Articles and photos 7/2009 NL
00026.0 Photos 7/2009 NL
00027.0 Pencil drawing of Irma Gott and her father. By "Schuman." White frame. 22"x20 1/2"h. 7/2009 ART
00028.0 Pencil drawing of head & shoulders of woman with glasses. By "Schuman." White frame. 19"x24 1/2"h. 7/2009 ART
00030.0 Pemetic High School. Memorabilia, given to Maxine Carroll by Don Reed 11/2009 Box 28
00031.0 Pemetic High School sports scrapbook. 11/2009 Books
00032.0 Southwest Harbor Town Report 1915. See also 33, 34, 94, 95, 507 3/2010 Box 15, 15A
00033.0 Southwest Harbor Town Report, 1966 3/2010 Box 15, 15 A
00034.0 Southwest Harbor Town Report, 1974 3/2010 Box 15, 15 A
00035.0 Southwest Harbor property values, insert in Bar Harbor Times, 1992 3/2010 File: SWH Property
00037.0 Bar Harbor Times, 1977. Article on sardine canneries 5/2010 File: Sardine Packing
00038.0 Piece of wood from Cranberry House with Spurling, printed on it. 5/2010 Box 2
00039.0 Steamboat J.T. Morse photo 6/2010 NL
00041.1 Pemetic High School 1935-36 Girls Basketball squad 5/2011 NL
00041.2 Pemetic High School 1936-37 Girls Basketball Squad 5/2011 NL
00044.0 Claremont Hotel brochure, 2000 5/2011 File: Claremont
00045.0 "Songs of Hope," hymn book, Manset Union Church. See also 00724. 5/2011 Books
00046.0 Table from Gleaners Hall, Manset Union Church. 6/2011 GS
00047.0 Rocking Chair from the Frances and Paul Hitchcock house, 388 Seawall Rd. Includes 14"x14" pad. 6/2011 GS
00048.0 Baseball cap from E.A. Lawler Paint Co. Clothing. 6/2011 Box 2
00049.0 Buckshot pouch, leather hand-sewn, c. 1830-50. 6/2011 Box 2
00050.0 Purse, leather with fur bottom, drawstring top. Found in Frost house 6/2011 Box 2
00051.0 Methodist Church postcard, 1910 6/2011 File: Methodist Church
00052.0 Photo of unidentified young man 6/2011 Box 2
00053.0 Small box containing myrrh sent to Dottie Worcester from Jerusalem 6/2011 Box 2
00054.0 Pemetic High School yearbook, 1962. See also 00055, 00062, 00127, 00281, 00420, 00564, 00648 8/2011 Box 25
00055.0 Pemetic yearbook, 1963. See also 00054, 00062, 00127, 00281, 00420, 00564, 00648 8/2011 Box 25
00056.1 Sign: Capt. Bennett House,. Bed & Breakfast. From owners. 10/2011 GS
00056.2 Capt. Bennett House. Bed & Breakfast, photos and brochure. From owners 10/2011 File: Bed & Breakfast Inns
00057.0 Sign: L.S. Robinson 11/2011 GS
00058.0 Ocean House Hotel, Manset, photo of demolition. Two views. 11/2011 File: Hotels
00059.0 Naval Radio Station, Seawall, Picture 11/2011 NL
00060.1 Pemetic High School 1897-98 to Iva Walls. Souvenir card. 11/2011 NL
00060.2 SWH Free High School picture from Harmon building (L.S. Robinson) 11/2011 NL
00061.0 Southwest Dairy bottle caps (2) Left at H.G. Reed's 11/2011 NL
00062.1 Pemetic High School yearbook. 1951. See also 00054, 00055, 00062, 00127, 00281, 00420, 00564, 00648 11/2011 Box 25
00062.2 Collier. "Mount Desert," book 11/2011 Books
00062.3 U.S. Postal Service cloth badges 11/2011 Box 2
00062.4 U.S. Army Air Force Observer AWS (Air Warden Service) at Underwood's cannery, McKinley. Badges 11/2011 Box 2
00063.0 Photos (2) 12/2011 NL
00064.0 Centennial photos (2) by Warren Monteleon 2/2012 NL
00065.1 Greening's Island book, hardbound, signed by Donald Esty, b.Feb.6, 1914, d.Aug.7,2006. See 00524.0 2/2012 NL
00065.2 Bar Harbor fire pamphlet 2/2012 NL
00065.3 Steamer J.T. Morse pamphlet 2/2012 NL
00065.4 Mount Desert pamphlet 2/2012 NL
00066.0 Manset postcard 4/2012 NL
00067.0 Needles, hand carved, used to knit bait bags for lobstering. Early 1950s. Smaller one used by Josephine Bennett, larger by Manuel Young. 4/2012 Box 2
00068.0 Gleaners, Manset, Recipe book. 1986. 2 copies, Donor of 2nd not known. 4/2012 Books
00069.0 Movie Mirror Magazine. Article about Myrna Fahey. 1973. 4/2012 Box 3
00070.0 Mount Desert pamphlet 4/2012 NL
00071.0 Manset fish wharf photo 5/2012 File: Manset Shore
00072.0 Tyson house, 37 Shore Road, Manset, photo 5/2012 File: Manset Shore
00073.0 George Norwood (1862-1931) Papers. Primarily bills from him from local companies and some other Maine firms: Tax, telephone, power bills. Greeting cards (18) from the 1950s [?], Some papers, including medical bills from Maybelle (Mrs Dennis) Norwood. Other names included: Mabel Hodgdon, Marjory Hodgdon, Ruth Hodgdon, D.L. Mayo, Mabel I. Ober. 7/2011 Box 9
00074.0 SWH Historical Society Founders. Town Bicentennial, 2005. Photo, color, framed, 8 1/2x 6 1/2 inches. Back row: Janet Patton, Wayne Patton, Thom Willey, Sam Chisholm, Jackie Michaud, Middle: Karen Craig, Nicki Nixon, Bruce Carlson, Larry Closson. First: Lori Goodwin, Michelle Marks. 8/2011 File: SWH HS Founding
00075.0 1994 Woodenboat show, July 29-31. Hinckley Great Harbor Marina, Southwest Harbor, Maine. Sponsored by Woodenboat Magazine. Framed poster with painting of boats in the moonlight. 25" long x 10" 5/2010 ART
00076.0 Clothes drying rack. Wall mounted, white, 8 arms. 40" long. From home of John and Fern Leonard. Donated by their daughter.   GS
00077.0 Clark's Southwest Dairy. Zink box for home milk delivery. 14"x10"x14" high   Box 18
00078.1 Counter weight rock in rope sling. Rock about 8" long. With note: "Maybe for smoke house in his back yard." His refers to Les Morrell. In box with next item.   Box 13
00078.2 Large iron chain links. Note: "CCC building above SWH dump." In box with above. Les Morrell connection.   Box 13
00079.0 Clam scoop, wood handle, wire basket scoop. 18" long.   Box 2
00080.0 Washboard. 12" x 24"   GS
00081.0 Record of Marine Documents Deposited. Dept. of Commerce 1917. SWH Customhouse. Entries up to 1920.   Books
00082.0 Poster. Dream Boats! MDI Boat Show. Undated (Sat. & Sun. Aug. 20 & 21). Horizontal 22" x 14"   ART
00083.0 Book: History of Freemasonry and Concordant Orders. 1892. Andrew J. Gardiner 1893 written on blank page.   Books
00084.0 Postcard. Changing name from the Boathouse to Trispar marine. No date   File: Manset Shore
00085.0 Picture postcard. Somesville. Sepia. Addressed to Hattie L. Brown.   File: Somesville
00086.0 Postcard. Novelty drawing. Color. "The whole Damm family (name of faimily is Damm) is having a wonderful time." Addressed to Mrs. L. Robinson, Chelsea, Mass. 1940.   File: Postcards
00087.0 Photo: Dorothy Robinson, Elsie Robinson, Mildred Roberts, Lurlene Black, Agnes Robinson, Phyllis Roberts, Richard Black. Children in water to knees.   File: Robinson Family
00088.0 Scrapbook. "Treasure Scrapbook." First half is crochet information. Second half is MDI newspaper clippings, late 1930s to late 1940s. Found at lawn sale. 6/2011 Books
00089.0 Pippin Composition Book. Lawrence Phillips.   Box 10
00090.0 "Paper Talks" yearly magazine. Various years. 1973, 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017   Box 16
00091.0 "Chebacco" yearly magazine. MDI Historical Society. 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017   Box 16 A
00092.0 "Port Directory." SWH/Tremont Chamber of Commerce. Various years. 2001+   Box 16 A
00093.0 "Visitor Guide." Quiet side. SWH/Tremont Chamber of Commerce. Various years. 1992, 2000-2004, 06, 07.   Box 16 A
00094.0 Southwest Harbor Town Reports. Various years. 2001 +   Box 15, 15 A
00095.0 Southwest Harbor Town Reports. Various years. 1906-13, 1915, 1917, 1919, 1935, 1952, 1955, 1961- 1966, 1968- 1978, 1980-1993, 1995, 2001+. See also 00032, 00033, 00034, 00094 for donors.   Box 15, 15 A
00096.0 Workmen's Compensation Act. Industrial Accident Commission. Augusta, Maine, 1915. 4 identical cloth posters 11" 14"   Box 2
00097.1 Deckhouse poster. Blowup of MD Islander review."Speakeasy" June 12, 2008. 18" x 12"   ART
00097.2 Deckhouse Poster. Blowup of MD Islander. "Groovy." 18" x 12"   ART
00098.0 Box of empty tins: 4 Ex-lax, 1 Bayer Aspirin, 3 Blackstone's Aspirin; 3 empty bottles of Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound; tiny steel cold chizzle (?) 3" long; one leather child's shoe. Paper saying "Jacob Seavey, South West Harbor Maine."   Box 14
00099.0 Book: Christian Science Hymnal. "Informal Group of Christian Scientists, Southwest Harbor, Maine"   Books
00100.0 Journal 1921. F.M. Temple in gold leaf on cover. Entries only through Jan. 8.   Books
00101.0 Book "100 Years of Good Eatin' in Southwest Harbor." 1905 - 2005.   Books
00102.0 Guest ledger. 1971-72, 1989-91. Business not given.   Books
00103.0 Newman, Eleanor Jarvis (Mrs. Lawrence). Scrapbook of family pictures and newspaper clippings, 1930-43. 11" x 9" 6/2011 Books
00104.0 Newman, Eleanor Jarvis. Scrapbook #2. includes articles on town of SWH. She was correspondent for newspapers. 6/2011 Books
00105.0 Pennant. Red border and writing "Southwest" on white cloth. Southwest Boat Co. 22" x 48" 12/2011 Box 2
00106.0 Wooden canes (2)   Box 23
00107.0 National Park Service Archives Museum Handbook. While binder   Binders
00108.0 Sheer curtain stretcher/dryer. Set of poles with tacking nails on them. Wrapped in oil cloth cover. Used to dry and starch curtains. From home of John and Fern Leonard. Donated by their daughter   GS
00109.0 Doll carriage. Wicker. 26" long x 22" high   GS
00110.0 Plastic tub of heavy metal items, gears, etc.   Box 24
00111.0 Sign: United States Post Office, Manset, Maine. 36" x 30"   Corridor wall
00112.0 Sign: House of Dogs. 50" x 38"   GS
00113.0 Sign: Boyington Bros. Market. 48" x 14"   Corridor wall
00114.0 Sign: Deck House Restaurant, Cabaret Theater. 43" x 12"   GS
00115.0 Sign: Deck house with arrow. 24" x5"   GS
00116.0 Sign: Live Yankee. 52" x 36"   GS
00117.0 Sign: Stanley Fisheries Manset Maine. Made by Linwood Ginn. Three strip signs: 30"x 5", 4 1/2" x 8", 5"x8"   Corridor wall
00118.0 Sign: Sawyer's Market. Vertical, 8' x 20"   Corridor wall
00119.0 Sign: Walt's Food Store. 6' x 20"   Corridor wall
00120.0 Sign: Entrance/Parking. 6' x 12"   Corridor wall
00121.0 Sign: R.N. Norwood Co. 50" x 5"   Corridor wall
00122.0 Sign: For Sale by Lawrence Robinson. 24" x 10"   Corridor wall
00123.0 Sign: Score board. "Visitors" at top, "SHHS" at bottom. Gray wood. Scores probably entered in chalk. Two rope hangers at top. 30"x35" 7/2013 GS
00124.0 Sign: Centennial Center 1905 - 2005. 43" x 24"   GS
00125.0 Newspaper: The Young Democrat. Young Democratic Club of Bar Harbor. Vol. 1 No. 1, March 2, 1935. 4 pages   File: Young Democrat
00126.0 Newspaper: The High School Reporter. S.W. Harbor, Maine March 1889. Vol. 1 No.1. 4 pages, (Pages 1,2,7,8) Photocopy also.   File: High School Reporter
00127.0 Pemetic High School yearbook. Various years. 1939, 1941, 1942, 1945, 1947, 1951, 1953, 1962, 1963. See also 00054, 00055, 00062, 00094, 00281, 00420, 00564, 00648   Box 25, 26
00128.0 Framed photo of 2 masted sailing ship model. 7" x 9"   ART
00129.0 Booklet. Daniel Gott, Mount Desert Pioneer. By William Otis Sawtelle. 9" x 6"   File: Gott, Daniel
00130.0 Southwest Harbor Public Library. Photo, color tinted, matted. 10" x 8"   File: Library
00131.0 Photocopy of Directory and Handbook 1928, Southwest Harbor and Tremont. Compiled by Mrs. Seth S. Thornton. 6th ed. 67 pages. See 00636. for 1924 ed.   File: Directory & Handbook
00132.0 Centennial typed letter, hand signed from U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe to Committee Chairperson Bruce Carlson. 2005.   File: Centennial letter-Snowe
00133.0 Genealogy of Richard Higgins and His Descendants. Two typed sections of a book in progress by Virginia M. Fowler. Also covers Mayo family   File: Higgins, Richard Genealogy
00134.0 Official State of Maine Map. National Survey. Linen backed, folded between cardboard covers. No date. 48" x 36"   File: Maps
00135.0 Hubbard's Lumberman's and tourists' Map of Northern Maine. 3rd ed, 1900, 32" x 32".   File: Maps
00136.0 Appalachian Mountain Club. Map of Mount Desert Island. Various years: 1961, 1968, 1971.   File: Maps
00137.0 Path and Road Map of Western part of Mount Desert Island, Maine. Augustus D. Phillips. Various years: 1941, 1975. 17" x 25".   File: Maps
00138.0 Path Map of the Eastern Part of Mount Desert Island, Maine. Various years: 1917, 1937. 18" x 26".   File: Maps
00139.0 Map of Mount Desert Island, Maine. Waldron Bates, et. al. 1906. 25" x 31".   File: Maps
00140.0 Wooden clothes hanger. H.G. Reed Store, McKinley, Maine. 18" long.   Box 2
00141.0 Nautical Chart. Mount Desert Island. Frenchman's and Blue Hill Bays. 1910. 33" x43." Rolled. Map.   Box 23
00142.0 Tin bank. Made in Canada. 6" x 4" x 4"   Box 2
00143.0 Print, poster. Fitz Hugh Lane, 1804 - 1865. Entrance of Somes Sound from Southwest Harbor. 1852. 23 3/4" x 35 3/4". Rolled.   Box 23
00144.0 Poster. Maine Starlight Festival. Sept. 23 - Oct. 2, 2011. 24" x 18". Rolled   Box 23
00145.0 Centennial Bronze coins, each in plastic case. 2 boxes.   GS
00146.0 Centennial newspaper supplement to Bar Harbor Times, Nov. 10, 2005.   File: Centennial Newspaper
00147.0 Basketball plaque. "All Tourney, 1936." Awarded to Ralph Ramsdell.   NL
00148.0 Pack of envelopes. Centennial cancellation of Happy Birthday 37 cent stamps. Cancellation image is Harbor House. 2005.   File: Centennial, Postal
00149.0 Myrna Fahey Collection. 3 binders, box of 3 trophies, 2 plaques, 3 scrapbooks, miscellaneous photos.   Box 3, Box 4
00150.0 Pemetic High School sweater   Box 6
00151.0 Baseball. No hitter against Bar Harbor, 1952 by Reggie Smith   Box 2
00152.0 Phillips Family material. Lawrence and Melvin Phillips. Children's books, Homework, high schools years.   Box 10
00153.0 Phillips Family material. Maude Evangeline Gooch (Mrs. Lawrence Dana Phillips) Peter Bent Brigham Hospital Nursing school, Washington State Normal School. Small 2" metal case containing 2 pen nibs.   Box 10
00154.0 Phillips, Joseph Dana. Article by William Chalmers Covert, : An Island Doctor." Medical Life, Dec. 1934, pages 606 - 611.   File: Phillips, Joseph D.
00155.0 Ellsburg, Edward. "The News Looks at Life in Maine - National Figures. Maine's Lure Proves too Great for Prominent Salvage Expert." By Delmont Dunbar. Bangor Daily News, March 22-23, 1947. Photocopy.   File: Ellsburg, Edward
00156.0 Pemetic High School Scrapbook, 1952. Includes 1948 - 1950s. Maroon. Includes "P" patches.   Books
00157.0 Rhoades House booklet 5/2012 NL
00158.0 CCC camp. 3 ring binder. National article; local, unidentified photos 6/2012 Binders
00159.0 Boy Scout Troop 99. Philmore Whitney, Scoutmaster. B & W photo. Reproduced in Voyage Newsletter, Jan 2012, page 3. 1/2012  
00160.0 Southwest Harbor steamboat wharf from Ocean House Hill, Manset. 1909 Postcard 1/2012 NL
00161.0 Pemetic High School graduation program, 1960. See also 00421. 1/2012 NL
00162.0 Photo Old Gleaners' Hall and Manset Library that burned in 1937 6/2011 NL
00163.1 Greening's Island painting 4/2006 NL
00163.2 Greening's Island painting house 4/2006 NL
00163.3 Greening's Island. History and photos. Donor's father Ralph Reed worked there 4/2006 NL
00164.0 World War I, Everett Torrey Collection. Includes induction notice, framed photo in uniform 10"x12", framed award for wound c.16"x24". Post cards (2) to future wife Rita Farley, discharge papers, death record. 4/2013 Box 30
00165.0 Cimbria. Ship with Russian sailors. 1878. Articles, research for History Night program, June 2011 6/2012 File: Cimbria
00166.0 Grand Design, Legend of wreck, 1740. Actually ship Martha and Eliza, wrecked in Nova Scotia. Research for History Night program, August 2009. Includes CD by Castlebay. Also article by Robert W. Tirrell "The Wreck of the Martha and Eliza, from New England Historical and Genealogical Register, July 1957, pages 214-220, Photocopy. 6/2012 File: Grand Design
00167.0 "Discover Maine: Maine's History Magazine" Yearly. Various years   Box 16
00168.0 Boston Post cane. Replica of original, which is at Town Office. Second replica in use (loan for life) by the town's oldest citizen. All canes are property of the Town of Southwest Harbor. 1/2009 Box 23
00169.0 Boston Post cane. Binder of background material, list of those holding the cane, material on procuring the replicas. Compiled by Becky Burnham 1/2009 Binders
00170.0 Centennial Time Capsule. See filing cabinet for contents. Decorations on top by Susan Clark. 1/2011 Box 5, File: Centennial
00171.0 Picnic hamper. Wicker and wood. 23"x14"x12 1/2h. 1940s. From the home of John and Fern Leonard. Donated by their daughter.   Box 22
00172.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society Guest book, Events June 21, 2006 to October 19, 2011. 10/2011 Books
00173.0 Card table. Folding. Green felt on top. Initials on bottom: F.E.H. 24"x24"x27"h.   GS
00174.0 Sign: Ladies! Consult the Silent Women for all the latest for fashionable ladies of today. Red and brown letters in white. Black border. 18"x28"h.   GS
00175.0 Fire at Cuz's Café. Photos. Donated by former Coast Guardsman. 9/2009 NL
00176.0 Tremont Town Reports. Various years. 1906, 1928, 1929. 1931, 1936.   Box 15
00177.0 Painting of flowers and figurine. Ornate frame, 26"x22 1/2"h. Back of painting: "Presented by Hattie B. Taylor, Jan. 1, 1950 for Andrew E. Parker and Ida M. Parker. Golden wedding anniversary. Info in file.   GS and File: Flower Painting
00178.0 Deck House. Summer is in Full Swing. Mount Desert Islander newspaper clippings, June 24, 2004. Framed. 17"x16"h.   ART
00179.0 Deck House. A Hit in a New Harbor. Bar Harbor Times newspaper clippings, June 19, 1997. Framed. 17"x14"h.   ART
00180.0 Poster: "Chicago." [in NYC], Framed. 14"x22"h.   ART
00181.0 Poster: "Music man." [In NYC]/ Framed 14"x22"h.   ART
00182.0 Map. Description of the Topographic map of the U.S. 1909. Framed. 13"x17"h.   ART,also File: Leonard
00183.0 Map. Bar Harbor quadrangle. Topographic. Eastern side of MDI and Schoodic. 1909. Framed. 17 1/2"x22 1/2"h.   ART
00184.0 Map. Mount Desert quadrangle. Topographic. Western side of MDI. 1916. Poor condidtion.   ART
00185.0 Portrait of lady and two boys. On back of frame: Mary V. Leonard, Manset. 17"x21"h. See folder in file under this number 00185.0   ART
00186.0 Southwest Harbor Centennial Committee. Bank statements. Blue binder. 2005   Binders
00187.0 Changes on Southwest Harbor's waterfront. History of Clark's Point. H.H. Clark heirs sell to U.S. Coast Guard. Article in Bar Harbor Times, June 23, 1935 by Nell Thornton 6/2012 File: Waterfront
00188.0 Baseball uniform, Southwest Harbor town team, 1948 & 49. Worn by Don Reed. Clothing.   Box 6
00189.0 Photos: Grammar school grades 1,2,3, 1930-31, and 1931-32 6/2012? NL
00190.0 McEachern and Hutchins Hardware. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960. P.10, photocopy   File: McEachren & Hutchins
00191.0 Musetti Hall Quarry cabins. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p.10, photocopy   File: Hall Quarry
00192.0 Murphy Service Station. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p.10, photocopy   File: Gas Stations
00193.0 Clark's Southwest Dairy. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p.10, photocopy   File: Clark's Dairy
00194.0 Billings and Hamlin construction. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p.10, photocopy.   File: Billings & Hamlin
00195.0 Boyington Bros. Market. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p.10, photocopy   File: Boyington Bros. Market
00196.0 White Birches Campground. Bar Harbor Times July 28, 1960,p.9, photocopy   File: Campgrounds
00197.0 R.M. Norwood Co., contractors. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p.9, photocopy   File: Norwood, Robie
00198.0 Echo Vista. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p. 9, Photocopy   File: Echo Vista
00199.0 Seawall Dining Room Restaurant. Naomi Trundy & Annabelle Robbins. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p. 9, photocopy   File: Seawall Dining Room
00200.0 J.N. Mills Co. Fuel. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p.9, photocopy   File: Mills, J.N. Co.
00201.0 Crosby Mills & Wesley Leonard, Diving. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p.9, photocopy   File: Diving
00202.0 L.S. Robinson Real Estate & Insurance sold to Fred C. Lynam. Bar Harbor Times, Apr. 3, 1975, p.1   File: Robinson, L.S. Co.
00203.0 Southwest Harbor Town Band, 1892. Bar Harbor Times, Jan. 7, 1965, p.5, photocopy   File: Music
00204.0 Steamboat Frank Jones. Bangor Daily News, about 1990. Photocopy   File: Steamboats
00205.0 Southwest Harbor High School basketball team. Bangor Daily News, March 21, 1922, p.11, photocopy   File: Basketball
00206.0 Boy Scouts, Ellsworth parade, photo. Ellsworth American, May 18, 1960.   File: Boy Scouts
00207.0 Boy Scouts. Photo. Bar Harbor Times, April 11, 1960, photocopy   File: Boy Scouts
00208.0 Bernard. Two photos on one page. Bar Harbor Times, Nov. 3, 1960, photocopy   File: Bernard
00209.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society founding. Letter to the editor from Bruce Carlson. Bar Harbor Times, Jan. 22, 2004   File: Historical Soc. Founding
00210.0 Hancock County Board of Realtors. Includes Lawrence Robinson. Photo. From a newspaper. Photocopy   File: Robinson, L.S. Co.
00211.0 Lawrence S. Robinson Real Estate & Insurance. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960, p.9, photocopy   File: Robinson, L.S. Co.
00212.0 Park Theatre, Newspaper ad. Bar Harbor Times Jan. 1955   File: Park Theater
00213.0 Poem. Pemetic High School Basketball. About 1949. Bar Harbor Times. Photocopy   File: Basketball
00214.0 Pemetic High School Baseball team, 1948. Photo, perhaps part of a calendar. Above, cut off: Searles….Store.   File: Baseball
00215.0 Pemetic High School, Eastern Maine Basketball Champions, 1948. Photo   File: Basketball
00216.0 John Brown. "Manset man fought beside John Paul Jones." Revolutionary War. Bangor Daily News, May 24, 1990, photocopy. Also photocopy of article in the Bangor Daily Commercial, Oct. 21, 1905.   File: Brown, John, Rev. War
00217.0 Business cards   File: Business Cards
00218.0 Leon Hawkes, seed salesman. Lived on Seawall Road, house built 1805, later owned by Rita and Dan Chalmers. Book: Henry Buxton "Assignment Down East." Brattleboro, VT, Stephen Daye Press. Photocopy of picture.   File: Hawkes, Leon
00219.0 Joseph D. Phillips. Book: Henry Buxton "Assignment Down East." pages 152-157. Photocopy.   File: Phillips, Joseph D.
00220.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society. "Sou'west Voyage" newsletter, 2005+   File: SWH HS, Sou'west Voy
00221.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society. Secretary's minutes   Binders
00222.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society. Treasurer's report   Binders
00223.0 Unknown serviceman. Directions to grave site in Mount Height Cemetery.   File: Unknown Service Man
00224.0 Raymond Reed's house, 2000 before it was torn down. 4/2012 NL
00225.0 Hotel. Name, place, date unknown. Photo 4/2012 NL
00226.0 Harbor House at 40 years. History Night. DVD. 7/2012 File: Harbor House
00227.1 Mount Height Cemetery. Lot map. 1938 by Alvah Reed. 33"x36" Rolled. 7/2011 Box 23
00228.2 Mount Height Cemetery. Lot map. 1938 by Alvah Reed, copied & revised by Christine Gilley, 1957. 33"x36", rolled. 7/2011 Box 23
00228.3 Mount Height Cemetery. Lot map, photocopy of 00228.2. 7/2012. 33"x36", Rolled. 7/2012 Box 23
00229.1 Map. Plan of the French Grant on Mount Desert Island. Old Settlers lots. Copied from a plan taken by John Peters, Esq. Blue Hill, 1807. Bar Harbor Historical Society, 1954. 36"x43". Rolled   Box 23
00229.2 Map. Plan of the French Grant… Photocopy of 00229.1. 36"x43". Rolled 7/2012 Box 23
00230.0 Hospice Nurse. Leslie King Watson. Article, Bangor Daily News, 5/17/2012. Photocopy. 6/2012 File: Watson, Leslie King
00231.0 Chamber of Commerce has new digs. Joe Marshall article. Mount Desert Islander, 6/23/2012. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Chamber of Commerce
00232.0 Jarvis Newman. Interview notes, 5/9/2005 5/2005 File: Newman, Jarvis
00233.0 National Register Survey, National Resources Inventory by Mary Jones & others. Black and white photos of exterior and interior of houses. 2000. See also 00489.1, 00489.2 6/2005 Box 1
00234.0 Poster: Basketball Pemetic High vs Ellsworth on Tues. Jan. 25, 1938. Admission 25 cents. Time 7:30. 18"x12" 7/2012 ART
00235.0 Poster: Park Theatre. 6 movies. December 1936. 22"x14". Burned (?) edge. 7/2012 ART
00236.0 Newspaper, Island Breeze, published in SWH, 1899. Article, Bar Harbor Times, July 16, 1964. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Island Breeze, Newspaper
00237.0 Frances B. Hitchcock, librarian, obituary by Nan Lincoln. Bar Harbor Times, probably Jan. 4, 2001. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Hitchcock, Frances
00238.0 Descendants of early settler, Nathan Clark, aid library. Undated newspaper article. Genalogy material. 7/2012 File: Clark, Nathan
00239.0 Blue-collar town becomes tourist haven. Article, undated. Wall Street Journal. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: SWH General
00240.0 Consuelo Cloos, artist. Biography by Nan Lincoln. Bar Harbor Times, Aug. 9, 2001. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Cloos, Consuelo
00241.0 Jimmy Welsh. "Bloody Revenge Buried in Unmarked Grave?" Article, Bar Harbor Times, June 25, 1964. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Welsh, Jimmy
00242.0 Subscribers of Island Telephone Company. Probably just before 1915. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Telephone
00243.0 Cave in Flying Mountain Once Pirate and Smuggler Resort. Article by LaRue Spiker. Bar Harbor Times Apr. 30, 1964. p. 5. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Flying Mountain
00244.0 Stanley Wharf. Article, Bar Harbor Times, July 7, 1977. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Stanley Fish Wharf
00245.0 Sale of Steamboat Wharf to Coast Guard, 1935. Statement of receipts and expenditures. William E. Parker, agent for heirs of Henry & Arvilla Clark. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Coast Guard
00246.0 The Islander. Magazine, first issued Spring 1981. Various issues 7/2012 Box 16
00247.0 Mansell Museum relocated from Southwest Harbor to Tremont. Article, Bar Harbor Times, July 1, 1965. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Museums
00248.0 Turn of the Century Island School House. SWH school history. By Carol Walsh. Article. Bar Harbor Times, Mar. 9, 2000. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Schools
00249.0 Post Offices of MDI. Article by LaRue Spiker. Bar Harbor Times, Nov.10, 1966. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Post Offices
00250.0 Mount Desert Bridge. Article on new bridge. Bangor Daily News, Sept. 10, 1958. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Bridge, MDI
00251.0 Thomas M. Newman, "Uncle Tommy." 1835 - 1942. 7/2012 File: Newman, Thomas,1835-1942
00252.0 Saunders Ward Newman. 1853 - 1949. 7/2012 File: Newman, S. Ward
00253.0 "The Prussian Woman." Hannah Caroline Hadlock, Mrs. Sam Hadlock III. 7/2012 File: Prussian Woman
00254.0 Three Boatyards. Hinckley, Southwest Boat, Rich and Grindle. Article by Eleanor Newman, Bangor Daily News, no date. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Boatyards
00255.0 "The Bear Hunters of Beech Hill in Mount Desert, 1836." Poem from a scrapbook. Name at bottom: A.L.T. Cummings from the Maine Campus. Photocopy 7/2012 File: Beech Hill
00256.0 Southwest Harbor Woman will be 102. Henrietta (Mrs. James H.) Soulis, 1838 - 1940. Bangor Daily News, Aug. 30, 1940. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Soulis, Henrietta
00257.0 Isaac F. Stanley dies at Manset. 1870 - 1953. Article, Bangor Daily News?, no date. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Stanley, Isaac
00258.0 Pemetic High School Basketball. Missed 1954 state title. History of old basketball teams as early at 1915. Article Bangor Daily News, March ?, 1954. picture of cheer leaders. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Basketball
00259.0 "Air Force's Navy Aids Flyers." Crash Rescue Boat Section, U.S. Navy, Southwest Harbor. Article, Bangor Daily News, 1953? Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Crash Boat Rescue
00260.0 Southwest Harbor Couple Observes 50th, Fred and Alice (Carroll) Young. Blacksmith. Bangor Daily News, No date (1950s).   File: Young, Fred & Alice
00261.0 Southwest Harbor craftsman. Howe D. Higgins. Article by Eleanor Newman. Bangor Daily News, No date (1951). Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Higgins, Howe
00262.0 Horse and Buggy Doctor. Thomas S. Tapley. Article by Eleanor Newman. Bangor Daily News, May ?, 1951. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Tapley, Thomas M.D.
00263.0 Catholics … Acquiring Place of Worship. Article by Eleanor Newman. Bangor Daily News, April ?, 1951. Photocopy. Church. 7/2012 File: Catholic Church
00264.0 Coast Guard Service and Music. Calvin Alley family. Also Robert Archilles. Article by Eleanor Newman. Bangor Daily News, March ?, 1951. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Alley, Calvin
00265.0 In Memoriam. Poem in memory of Ralph Ramsdell and Warren Stanley, both asphyxiated by coal gas on board their dragger at Frenchboro, April 14, 1948. Words by G.W. Lunt, of Frenchboro. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Ramsdell, Ralph
00266.0 Steamboat Rockland, first steamboat to serve SWH, built 1853. From Paper Talks, 1982. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Steamboats
00267.0 Southwest Harbor High School Basketball team 1920-21. Paper Talks, 1982. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Basketball
00268.0 Southwest Harbor and Western Mountain from Stanley House. Photo from Paper Talks, 1982. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: SWH General
00269.0 In Tune with the World. Bowen Swersey, Musical Instrument Collector. Bangor Daily News, Sept. 27, 2011. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Swersey, Bowen
00270.0 Peter Warren Peterson. Search and obituary. 2010 - 11. 7/2012 File: Peterson, Pete
00271.0 Charles Fletcher Dole, 1845 - 1927. Photocopy of pages from his autobiography "My Eighty Years" that pertain to Southwest Harbor. His daughter Winifred (Dole) Mann (Mrs. Horace Mann) lived here for many years. 9/2011 File: Dole, Charles F
00272.0 Appalachian Mountain Club. Miscellaneous information, articles. 7/2012 File: Appalachian Mt Club
00273.0 L.D. Lothrop ship fog horn. Gloucester, Mass. Patent Aug. 30, 1901. (Serial no.) 20287 all on brass plate on top. Black wood case, hand crank on side. Leather handle split. 21" x 9.5" x 17" high. Llewellyn Day Lothrop was born in Appleton, ME, March 1836. Background material in file. 7/2012 Box 7, File: Fog horn
00274.0 Favorite Recipes. Southwest Harbor United Church of Christ/ Manset Union United Church of Christ. 1981. 110 pages. 6" x 9" 7/2012 Books
00275.0 Holy Bible…Kimber & Sharpless Stereotyped edition. Philadelphia, n.d. Family names between Old and New Testaments show deaths 1825, 35 & into 1960. names included: Fisher, Hill, Williams, Hodgkins. Births mostly Fisher, Blood, Reynolds.   Books
00276.0 Scrapbook. Some sports, some area newspaper articles. Late 1940s. Beige, 12" x 16"   Books
00277.0 The Library Magazine. New York, Nov. 13, 1886.   File: Library Magazine
00278.0 Scrapbook: Pemetic High School Basketball, 1948 & 1949   Books
00279.0 Swan's Island Memory Project. Book: Guts, Feathers, and all. CD recording: Swan's Islanders at Work and Play. Both by Meghan Vigeant. 2010.   File: Swan's island
00280.0 Soupstock Festival 2001. Card advertizing The Common Good Kitchen and the Westside Pantry. 4"x6"   File: Soupstock
00281.0 Pemetic High School Yearbooks. 1930-32, 34-36, 38-42, 46. See also 00054, 00055, 00062, 00127, 00420, 00564, 00648   Box 25, 26
00282.0 The Fires of '47. Supplement to the Bar Harbor Times 40 years later. 16 pages. Undated, 1987. 7/2012 File: Bar Harbor Fire
00283.0 MDI History Abounds in Southwest Harbor. By Anne Porter. Out and About in Downeast Maine. Ellsworth American. July 1997. Article photocopy. 7/2012 File: SWH General
00284.0 Steamer J.T. Morse. Long Gone. Photo. Ellsworth American, April 23, 1987. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Steamboats
00285.0 SW Harbor's Town Clerk thinks Her Successor Should be Elected. Article by Rebecca Buyers. About Nettie Vine. Ellsworth American, undated, 1983. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Vine family
00286.0 House tells a two-century tale. Carroll Farm House. Pictures of Richard Carroll & Rachel Carroll Phalen. Article Bangor Daily News, March 2, 1990. Photocopy. 7/2012 File: Carroll Homestead
00287.0 Historic Houses of Tremont. Bar Harbor Times, July 9, 1998. 7/2012 File: Tremont
00288.0 Tremont Sesquicentennial, 1848-1998. Supplement to the Bar Harbor Times, undated, 1998. 7/2012 File: Tremont
00289.0 A Store of History Illuminates Island Life. Bass Harbor Country Store, museum of the Tremont Historical Society. Article Bar Harbor Times, June 9, 1994. 7/2012 File: Bass Harbor Country Store
00290.0 Aerial views of Southwest Harbor; 3 photos mounted on foam board. 14"x42."   GS
00291.0 The Redbook Directory and Handbook. NE Harbor, Seal Harbor, Somesville, Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor and Adjacent Islands. Cheryl Caughey Chase, Pub & Editor. 88th ed. 160 pages. 3" x 6". See also 742. 7/2012 File: Redbook
00292.0 IGA Food News. Trundy's Market & T.W. Jackson & Sons. March 24, 1933. Broadside 11" x 13". 8/2012 File: Grocery Stores
00293.0 Pemetic High School Graduation Class of 1928. Richard T. Carroll, Isabelle Worcester Long, Eleanor King Walker, Marjorie Burgess?, Fred Galley, Watson Robbins, Ida Robbins Freeman. 12" x 18" 8/2012 ART
00294.0 Catholic memories…Article by David Walsh. Lawler & Walsh families. 1930s to 60s. Bangor Daily News. May 5-6, 2002. Photocopy 8/2012 File: Catholic Church
00295.0 Advent of TV…Article by David Walsh. Early days of TV in SWH. Bangor Daily News, March 3-4, 2001. Photocopy. 8/2012 File: Television
00296.1 Oral history interview, typed transcript #1. David Benson 7/2012 Box 17
00296.2 Oral History interview, typed transcript #2. David Benson 7/2012 Box 17
00296.3 Oral history interview, tape #1. David Benson 7/2012 Box 17
00296.4 Oral history interview, tape #2. David Benson 7/2012 Box 17
00296.5 Oral history interview, CD #1. David Benson 7/2012 Box 17
00296.6 Oral history interview, CD #2. David Benson 7/2012 Box 17
00296.7 Oral history interview, CD #3. David Benson 7/2012 Box 17
00297.1 Oral history interview, typed transcript. Jenny Sawyer 7/2012 Box 17
00297.2 Oral history interview, tape. Jenny Sawyer 7/2012 Box 17
00297.3 Oral History interview. CD. Jenny Sawyer 7/2012 Box 17
00298.1 Oral History interview.Typed transcript. Jack Gilley 7/2012 Box 17
00298.2 Oral History interview. Tape. Jack Gilley 7/2012 Box 17
00298.3 Oral History interview. CD. Jack Gilley 7/2012 Box 17
00299.1 Oral History interview. Typed transcript. Leslie Thurston. 7/2012 Box 17
00299.2 Oral History interview. Tape. Leslie Thurston 7/2012 Box 17
00299.3 Oral History interview. CD. Leslie Thurston 7/2012 Box 17
00300.1 Oral History interview. Typed transcript. Patricia Wass Benedetti. 7/2012 Box 17
00300.2 Oral History interview. Tape. Patricia Wass Benedetti 7/2012 Box 17
00300.3 Oral History interview. CD. Patricia Wass Benedetti 7/2012 Box 17
00301.1 Oral History interview. Typed transcript. Linwood Ginn on Stanley Fisheries 7/2012 Box 17
00301.2 Oral History interview. Tape. Linwood Ginn. 7/2012 Box 17
00301.3 Oral History interview. CD. Linwood Ginn 7/2012 Box 17
00302.1 Oral History interview. Typed transcript. Color photo. Harold Beal 7/2012 Box 17
00302.2 Oral History interview. Tape. Harold Beal 7/2012 Box 17
00302.3 Oral History interview. CD. Harold Beal 7/2012 Box 17
00303.1 Oral History interview. Typed transcript. Herschel Norwood 7/2012 Box 17
00303.2 Oral History interview. Tape #1. Herschel Norwood 7/2012 Box 17
00303.3 Oral History interview. Tape #2. Herschel Norwood 7/2012 Box 17
00303.4 Oral History interview. CD. Herschel Norwood 7/2012 Box 17
00304.1 Oral History interview. Typed transcript. Willard Colson, Marion Colson 7/2012 Box 17
00304.2 Oral History interview. CD. Willard Colson, Marion Colson 7/2012 Box 17
00304.3 Oral History interview. Tape. Willard Colson, Marion Colson 10/2014 Box 17
00305.0 Gilley Family Genealogy. 2000. 12 pages, typed. 8/2012 File: Gilley Family
00306.0 Ice harvesting and cutting. 5 pages, hand written by Linwood Ginn 8/2012 Box 17
00307.0 Ice harvesting and cutting. Material used in July/August display 8/2012 File: Ice Harvesting
00308.0 "Preview," A guide to entertainment and the arts in the MDI area. Feature on Jerry and Rob of the Deck House. June 11, 1984, Vol. 1 #2. 22"x14" Framed   ART
00309.0 Deck House opens new season in new home. Bar Harbor Times, June 12, 1997. Newspaper article framed, 17"x11"   ART
00310.0 Dinner Theater switches to Southwest Harbor. No date (1997). Newspaper article framed. 17"x11"   ART
00311.0 Yankee Magazine Travel Guide to New England. 2002 Editor's Pick Award to the Deck House. Framed. 14"x10"   ART
00312.0 Hiking, biking and cross country skiing. Westerly side of Mt. Desert Island. SWH/Tremont Chamber of Commerce. Various years.   File: Hiking
00313.0 State of Maine Official Proclamation of Southwest Harbor Centennial Day, 2005   File: Centennial
00314.0 Centennial. Town meeting reenactment narratives. Scripts, 2005   File: Centennial
00315.0 Centennial. Evening of celebration, Oct. 15, 2005.   File: Centennial
00316.0 "Pa" [Walter] Hamblen Memorial School Bell Rededication. Oct. 15, 2005   File: Hamlin Bell
00317.0 Centennial. List of common things and statistics about 1905   File: Centennial
00318.0 Rich and Grindle Boatworks. Article by Meredith Rich Hutchins, Mount Desert Islander, July 7, 2005. Roger Rich and Ralph Grindle. Photocopy.   File: Boatyards
00319.0 Deck House 2009 Cast and Crew. Handout.   File: Deck House
00320.0 Deck House poster. No date. On reverse: Judy Forbis Shannon and Welch and Isabelle Forbis color photos and black marker writing. Owned Harbor Lights Hotel. 12" x 16"   ART
00321.0 Oz Books, book shop. Paper bookmark.   File: Bookstores
00322.0 Ralph Stanley's last boat. Article, Bangor Daily News, Sept. 14, 2009. Photocopy   File: Stanley, Ralph
00323.0 Centennial Walking Tour. Town Center. With Joe Marshall. 2005   File: Walking Tours
00324.0 Post card, tinted. View of Southwest Harbor "Entrance to Long Pond."   File: Postcards
00325.1 Pemetic Indians metal license plates 4"x13", maroon.   Box 2
00325.2 "Indians" pin. 2" round. Maroon   Box 2
00325.3 Basketball pin, 3/4" round, gold color   Box 2
00325.4 MDI High School school letters, green. Felt.   Box 2
00326.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society first elected officers: Phil Whitney, VP; Chris Rawls, Pres.; Joe Marshall, Sec.- Treas. Feb. 2005. Color photo 4"x6"   File: SWH Hist. Soc. Founding
00327.0 Some owners of Somes, Langley's, Greening's Island, about 1750 - 1895. Typescript. Mostly from Thornton: Traditions and Records…   File: Greening Island
00328.0 State of Maine. Oct. Term 1909. State of Maine vs. J.D. Phillips, M.D. Challenging the MDI ban on automobiles on the Island.   File: Automobiles
00329.0 Anne Longfellow Thorp, 1894 - 1977. A celebration . "Written by friends of Anne Longfellow Thorp and read at her memorial service, March 5, 1977, by May Sarton who contributed most of the ideas and the writing." Thorp was a summer resident of Greening's Island. Typed.   File: Thorp, Anne Longfellow
00330.0 Boyington Bros. Market. E-mail information from Nancy Boyington Corliss, daughter of Baxter and Barbara Boyington.   File: Boyington Bros Market
00331.0 Clarks of Southwest Harbor, 1812 to Present. Genealogy. Hand written single sheet.   File: Clark Genealogy
00332.0 Bar Harbor Fire. Bangor Daily News. Oct. 13-14, 2007. Pages A7,8,9. Color   File: Bar Harbor Fire
00333.0 That Old Gang of Mine. Stories from World War Two. Maurice H. Robinson. Letter to parents: Mr. & Mrs. Howard Robinson. Bangor Daily News.April 24-25, 1943. Photocopy.   File: Robinson, Maurice
00334.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society Documents: Articles of incorporation. 2004. With supporting papers.   File: SWH Hist. Soc. Docs
00335.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society Documents: Internal Revenue Service. 501(c)3 designation, 2010. Effective date: Oct. 13, 2004.   File: SWH Hist. Soc. Docs
00336.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society Documents: Maine Sales Tax Exemption.   File: SWH Hist. Soc. Docs
00337.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society Documents: Collections Policy, Deed of Gift forms, etc.   File: SWH Hist. Soc. Docs
00338.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society. Remaining Centennial money given Society for publication, 2010.   File: SWH Hist. Soc. Docs
00339.0 "A Walk Through Time: A walking tour of Southwest Harbor, Maine." With Ralph Stanley. Produced and narrated by Mary Jones. CD. 2000. With supporting map and map key. 9/2012 File: Walking Tours
00340.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society Documents. Constitution and By-Laws   File: SWH Hist. Soc. Docs
00341.0 Boatbuilder turned historian delves into SWH past. Jarvis Newman. Article by Diana Abrell. Bar Harbor Times, March 31, 1988. Photocopy   File: Newman, Jarvis
00342.0 Clark Point about 1890. Hand drawn maps with numbered houses, typed key to the maps, and typed list of members of the households. By Jesse L. Parker   File: Clark Point
00343.0 Southwest Harbor road map. Town Planning Office, 2/22/96. 11"x17"   File: Maps
00344.0 The Claremont Hotel - My Story, 1884 - 1964. Note inside: Written by Miss Brown from Pa. 7 pages, blue mimeographed.   File: Claremont Hotel
00345.0 "Acadia." Official map handout of the Park.   File: Acadia National Park
00346.0 The Best of Mount Desert Island. Advertizing map. Color. 17"x24". Various years   File: Maps
00347.0 The Cat: One of the world's super ships. Schedule, fares, etc. of boat from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth, NS. 2009   File: "Cat" ship
00348.0 Mackeral Fleet in Southwest Harbor c. 1895. View from the Pemetic Hotel. Matted photo from the SWH Public Library Collection, Negative 293. 4 1/2"x 9"   File: Ships
00349.0 The State of Maine's Best Seafood Recipes. Maine Development Commission, 1945. 63 pages. 5"x7"   File: Recipes
00350.0 The Mary Jane Restaurant, Bar Harbor. Dessert Cookbook. No date. 63 pages. 6"x 9"   File: Recipes
00351.0 Wonderland. Winter Wonderland. Article in Bangor Daily News, Dec. 21, 2006 by Wendy M. Fontaine. Photocopy.   File: Wonderland
00352.0 Reservoir. Trail maps, etc. show location of Reservoir at Mill Field, at the base of Western Mt.   File: Reservoirs
00353.0 Augustus Clark. Obituary. 1938. Photocopy   File: Obituaries
00354.0 Robie Norwood. Obituary. 1955. Photocopy   File: Norwood, Robie
00355.0 For Geographical Sleuth the Name's the Thing. Henry Raup. Article by Nan Lincoln in the Bar Harbor Times, Aug. 7, 1986. Photocopy   File: Raup, Henry
00356.0 Klondike Fortune Preceded Bass Harbor Gold Mine. H. G. Reed Store. Article by Nan Lincoln in Bar Harbor Times,May 29, 1986. Photocopy   File: Reed, Hollis
00357.0 Fire of 1922. Article by LaRue Spiker in Bar Harbor Times, Jan. 7, 1965. Photocopy.   File: Fires, SWH
00358.0 Deacon H.H. Clark: Entrepreneur. Article by LaRue Spiker in Bar Harbor Times, Feb. 4, 1965.   File: Clark, Henry H., Deacon
00359.0 Manset Shore Road Walking Tour. Centennial, 2005. Hand drawn map and list. Handout. By Joe Marshall.   File: Walking Tours
00360.0 Centennial 2005 Concert Series. Handout.   File: Centennial
00361.0 Town of Southwest Harbor. Map, history outline. Tourist handout. c.1957-62 9/2012 File: Maps
00362.0 Obituaries. See also individual names. 9/2012 File: Obituaries
00363.0 The Steamer J.T. Morse: Her History and Adventures. By Joseph Allen, Jr. Reprinted from Old-Time New England…1937. 40 pages. Photocopy 9/2012 File: Steamboats
00364.0 The Legend of Talleyrand. Down East Magazine, Oct. 1988. p. 15-16. Photocopy 9/2012 File: Talleyrand
00365.0 Sitting Pretty. Article by James P. Brown. Down East Magazine, May 1988. page B6-B9 & B30. About Jarvis Newman. Photocopy 9/2012 File: Newman, Jarvis
00366.0 Centennial: An Evening of Celebration. Closing. Oct. 15, 2005. Handout.   File: Centennial
00367.0 Memorial Day 5/30/2005 Dedication of Village Green Park and Veterans' Memorial. 17 4"x6" color photos.   File: Centennial
00368.0 Edward Ellsburg, Wikipedia biography. 4 pages   File: Ellsburg, Edward
00369.0 Adm. [Edward] Ellsburg dies at age 91. Obituary Jan. 24, 1983   File: Ellsburg, Edward
00370.0 Post office list. Years of operation.   File: Post Offices
00371.0 Businesses: Islanders on Review. Bar Harbor Times, July 28, 1960. All articles photocopied, see 00190 - 00201.   File: Businesses
00372.0 Camp Beech Cliff. MD Islander, June 28, 2012.   File: Camp Beech Cliff
00373.0 Pemetic High School Basketball. Maine State Champions Class M. 1959. Color photo. 8"x11"   File: Basketball
00374.0 SWH High School Basketball Champions, 1922. Photo   File: Basketball
00375.0 Sale of 2/16 Share of Enrolled Vessel J.H. Butler from John Hodgdon to W.S. Brown. May 31, 1887. Photocopy .   File: Ships
00376.0 Obituaries. Box of newspaper clippings from about 1986 to 2002 by Wilfred Dunham. Others in File under name or "Obituaries."   Box 19
00377.0 Pemetic High School OOPS Outing Club, 1940s & 50s   File: Oops Outing Club
00378.0 Waterman Scholarship Fund. U of Maine Foundation for descendents of Pemetic High School graduates. By John & Marion Waterman Meyer in memory of Mrs. Meyer's parents. 1993. Photocopy.   File: Waterman Fund
00379.0 Pemetic High School General Alumni Association.   File: Pemetic Alumni
00380.1 Pemetic High School Sports Photos, 1940s & 1950s, some other years.   Binders
00380.2 Pemetic High School Sports Photos, 1948 - 1954, some other years.   Binders
00381.0 Old Newspapers. Contents list in box.   Box 20
00382.0 What has been done by…the C.C.C.. Article Bar Harbor Times, Mar. 13,1936. Photocopy   File: Civilian Cons. Corps
00383.0 Wind and the Wood. Ralph Stanley Inc. Brochure. 4 pages.   File: Stanley, Ralph
00384.0 Pemetic High School Class Trips to New York, 1950s   File: Pemetic Class Trips
00385.0 Maine Register. Copies of the Southwest Harbor entries for various years   File: Maine Register
00386.1 Southwest Harbor Comprehensive Plan 1996. Vol. 1, the Plan. 9/2012 File: SWH Comprehensive Plan
00386.2 Southwest Harbor Comprehensive Plan 1996. Vol. 2, the Inventory 9/2012 File: SWH Comprehensive Plan
00387.0 Clapboard. White painted on one side, wood on other side, Handwritten on back side: Stanley House, South West Harbor. Stencil on same side: W.H. Glover Co. 2ND Clear, Rockland, Maine. From Robbins House, 141 Shore Road, Manset. This was the Derby Stanley House. About 5'x6". 9/2012 Box 23
00388.0 Pemetic High School Sports. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, photos, etc.   Box 21
00389.0 Maine Register. Various years.   Books
00390.1 SWH Homes. Thornton 1938-88 update project by Jarvis Newman. Vol. preliminary material, mostly on republication of 1938 book. 9/2012 Binders
00390.2 SWH Homes. Thornton 1938-88 update project by Jarvis Newman. Vol. 2. Data and narrative on homes and businesses. 9/2012 Binders
00391.0 Greening's Island map. 8 1/2x 11. 9/2012 File: Greening's Island
00392.0 Four Generations in Maine: The Carroll Homestead, Southwest Harbor, 1825-1917. By Henry A. Raup, Illustrations by Ruth Hill. Eastern National Parks & Monument Assoc., 1993. Photocopy of out-of-print book. 9/2012 File: Carroll Homestead
00393.0 Carroll Homestead. Chapter 10: 1917 and Beyond. Expanded typescript of part 6 of book Four Generations in Maine. Includes Letter to Jarvis Newman from Henry Raup, March 12, 1989. 9/2012 File: Carroll Homestead
00394.0 The Carroll House. Acadia National Park. Preliminary Historic Structure Report. Barbara E. Pearson, Architectural Conservator. Boston, Sept. 1983. 11 pages. 9/2012 File: Carroll Homestead
00395.0 Map. Small version of Salem Towne map, 1791. Lot owners. Photocopy 8 1/2 x 11. 9/2012 File: Maps
00396.0 Property Tax Valuations, Southwest Harbor, 1969. 9/2012 File: SWH Property
00397.0 Causeway Club: In the Early Years, 1920 - 1975. By Bob McInnis. 22 pages. Typed. Photocopy. 9/2012 File: Causeway Club
00398.0 Robinson Family Genealogical material. Tin types (12) and enlarged photos of family members. From Mary (Robinson) Roscene (Mrs. Harold A.) Bulk of this genealogy is at the Ellsworth Public Library in their genealogy collection. 6/2008 File: Robinson Family
00399.0 Phillips family bank statements   Box 11
00400.0 Map. Mount Desert Island. 1921. Bates, Rand & Jacques   File: Maps
00401.0 Cup, Moorings Restaurant, Manset 9/2012 Box 2
00402.0 Summer Hotels. Research and photocopies used in September 2012 display. 10/2012 File: Hotels
00403.0 Thomas and Steven Richardson. Articles from the Newsletter of the Tremont Historical Society, Winter 2011 & Spring 2012 by Rebecca Burnham 10/2012 File: Richardson
00404.0 Making Fiddles. Article by Ralph Stanley from Newsletter of the Tremont Historical Society, Winter 2011 & Spring 2012 10/2012 File: Stanley, Ralph
00405.0 Southwest Harbor 2010 Comprehensive Plan.30 pages. 8 1/2x11.See also 386. 6/2013 File: SWH Comprehensive Plan
00406.0 Veterans Day Salute. Mount Desert Islander.Nov.8,2012. 4pages. Photos. Also other years, 2016. 6/2013 File: Veterans
00407.0 Steve Spurling: 92 and still building boats. Also info on Jarvis Newman. Working Waterfront, June 2013. Photocopy. Same from Bangor Daily News, March 26, 2013. 6/2013 File: Spurling, Steve
00408.0 Sign: Vine's Electric & Appliance. Blue, gold lettering. 5'x6" 4/2013 Corridor wall
00409.0 Sign: Southwest Harbor Town Offices (Main St.)Blue, gold lettering.7'x6" 4/2013 Corridor wall
00410.0 Sailboat model. Sloop 70"x56"x14". Printed material on Friendship sloop Amy R. Payson and its model designer Harold "Dynamite" Payson, and builder Paul Sirotkin see File. 6/2013 Office. See also File: Rising Gifts
00411.1 Seaman's wallet: brown "Russia" leather. Imprinted in gold "Iames Couper 1763." [Iames is old spelling of James.] 4 1/2"x6" closed size. 13"x 6" open. See file for more information……. 11/2012 Box 2. File: Rising Gifts
00411.2 Ship master's brown leather wallet. Embossed "Willm Couper Ship master "Leith" 1774." 4 1/2"x6 1/2" closed size. 15"x6 1/2" open. See file for more information. 11/2012 Box 2. File: Rising Gifts
00412.0 Pemetic High School Alumni Association. 6 binders: membership lists, geographical lists, material for Pow-Wow, some genealogy uses 5/2013 Box 28
00413.0 Harbor House. Material on transition from school to town to Harbor House. Binder 5/2013 Binder
00414.0 Ballard photos chronicle a bygone age. Article on Library display July 2013. Curators Meredith Hutchins and Charlotte Morrill. Mount Desert Islander, 7/4/13. 7/2013 File: Ballard, Willis
00415.0 Recollections of Southwest Harbor, Maine 1885 - 1894. By Jesse L. Parker, 1955. Edited by John P. & Rebecca D. Burnham, 2010. Published by the SWH Historical Society. 52 pages. 8 1/2x11. 6/2013 Book
00416.0 Pemetic Elementary School. Yearbooks. 8th grade. 1972, 1973. See also 00646, 00747. 6/2013 File: Pemetic Elem. Sc Yearbook
00417.0 Sign: Evinrude. Henry R.Hinckley & Co. Metal. 2'x20" 4/2013 Corridor wall
00418.0 Mount Desert Island High School. Islander. Yearbook. 1970,71,74,75, 2005 5/2013 Book
00419.0 Stanley Fisheries As I Remember by Linwood A. Ginn. 1947-52. Handwritten. 12 pages. 8 1/2x11. No date, about 2011. Photocopy 6/2013 File: Stanley Fish Wharf
00420.0 Pemetic High School. Yearbooks, 1921-67 (except 1925,60,66.) Also box of duplicates in box 26. See 00054, 00055, 00062, 00127, 00281, 00564, 00648 5/2013 Box 25, 26
00421.0 Pemetic High School Graduation Program, 1949. See also 00061. 4/2013 File: Pemetic H. S. Graduation
00422.0 Pemetic High School. Class of 1943, 60th Reunion. 2003. 2 pages, 8 1/2x ll. Agenda and class member list. 3/2013 Pemetic H.S. Reunions
00423.0 Pow-wow. Pemetic H.S. Literary publication. Mimeographed. 1948-53, many undated. 1948 is Volume 10. 8 1/2x11. 5/2013 Box 27
00424.0 Past in Photos: Scenes of Southwest Harbor, Tremont, and Mt Desert, From SW Harbor Public Library Collections. 1989. 29 pages. 6"x9" 6/2013 File: Past in Photos
00425.1 Gordon & White Garage. License plate advertisement, blue & white cardboard "1982 Look Out World here comes Ford." From house of "Junior" White. 6"x12" 12/2012 Box 37
00425.2 Gordon & White Garage. Matchbook. 12/2012 Box 37
00426.0 Veterans Monument. Village Green. 2010. Photos (2) of names 6/2013 File: Veterans
00427.0 Stanley Family material. William Stanley lightkeeper Great Duck Is. Appointment letter, house info, building of ship "Dorothy and Edith," funeral bill, Hearthstone Tea Room photos (2). All Photocopies 6/2013 File: Stanley Family
00428.0 Mystery of St. Sauveur. Mount Desert Islander feature, June 20, 2013, sec.2, p.1. Don Lenahan at Fernald Point. Photocopy 6/2013 File: St. Sauveur Colony
00429.0 Harbor View Motel. Color postcard. 4/2013 File: Hotels
00430.1 Photo, black & white, 2"x3". Allan & Hazel Mayo, 1919. 4/2013 File: Mayo Family
00430.2 Photo, black & white, 2"x3". Hazel Mayo, Allan & Ellen Gott, Oliver Jordan,Natalie Mayo. 1919 4/2013 File: Mayo Family
00431.0 Robinson Family Photo, black & white, 8 1/2"x 11." With identification info. Sarah Robinson Black, Frank Black, Sue Robinson, Maurice Robinson, Oliver Robinson, Joe Kelley Robinson, Doris Torrey Robinson,Milton Dolliver,Lewis Kennison Robinson, Byron Lewis Robinson,Howard Ernest Robinson,Elsie Robinson Dolliver, Dorothy Robinson, 4/2013 File: Robinson Family
00432.0 Sawyer's Market. Color photo, 4"x6". Sign in window: Closed Wed. Feb.22 at 1:30 PM due to illness. Tourney Fever. Very contagious.. 1995 4/2013 File: Grocery Stores
00433.0 Fernald's Cove, Somesville, with sawmill. Photo 4"x3". 1932. 4/2013 File: Somesville
00434.0 Map. Hancock County Planning Commission. Southwest Harbor Land Use. No date. Color. 27"x40" 7/2013 Box 23
00435.0 Map. Mount Desert Island. 1934 edition. Published by Howe Higgins, Distributed by Carroll Drug Store. Designed by National Survey Co. Black and green. 24"x30" 7/2013 Box 23
00436.0 Poster. The Claremont Hotel. Originally a 1884 oil on canvas painting by Xantus Smith. Painted for Capt. Jesse Pease. Color. 22"x29", Image 12 1/2"x 19." Much foxing in white area. 7/2013 Box 23
00437.1 Smelt houses, Somesville. 1930. Photo. Black & white, 4"x3." 7/2013 File: Somesville
00437.2 Group at Seawall Dining Room after show. About 1958. Photo. 3"x5" B & W. 7/2013 File: Worcester Family
00437.3 Group at Seawall Dining Room after show. About 1958. Photo. 3"x5" B & W. 7/2013 File: Worcester Family
00437.4 Isaac Gordon house. Photo. B & W. 3 1/2"x4 1/2". 7/2013 File: Houses
00437.5 Flag made by Pemetic Elementary School students 2002 for dedication at the American Legion. Color photo. 4"x6". 7/2013 File: American Legion
00437.6 Children in swim suits. Negative, B & W. 4 1/2"x2 1"2. 7/2013 File: Negatives
00438.0 Family, community celebrate Salatia. First Friendship Sloop built by Jarvis Newman. Owned by Miff Lauriat. Article Mount Desert Islander 7/4/13 7/2013 File: Newman, Jarvis
00439.0 Manset and Seawall Village Improvement Association ashtry. Glass. 5" round. 7/2013 Box 2
00440.0 First Bank of Bar Harbor. Metal bank used by school children to save coins for their bank accounts. Key missing. Oval 3 1/2x2"x3" 7/2013 Box 2
00441.1 Mayo family, Four generations about 1910-11. Standing with his daughter, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Holmes; next to her his granddaughter Maud Gilley and his great-grandson, Wendell, who grew up to be a master woodcarver. From family collection of John Hubbard Mayo, Son of Capt. Jacob Shoppy Mayo. B & W, 8 1/2"x11". Photo used in Barbara Smith's book Sixteen Sails, 2013. Steve is the illustrator of the book. 7/2013 File: Mayo Family
00441.2 Jacob Mayo Home on Clark Point Road viewed from the harbor about 1910. From family collection of John Hubbard Mayo. Used in Sixteen Sails. B & W, 8 1/2" x11". 7/2013 File: Mayo Family
00441.3 John Hubbard Mayo family of Eau Claire County, Wisconsin about 1906. Front row, l to r: Cora, Edward, Anna Maria, Ruth, John Hubbard; back row, l to r: George, Grace, John Harold, Marjorie, Charles. Used in Sixteen Sails. From collection of John Hubbard Mayo. B & W, 8 1/2"x11". 7/2013 File: Mayo Family
00441.4 Simeon (Sim) Mayo's Bicycle Shop about 1900. Jacob Mayo stands to the right in front of his youngest son's shop on Main Street. Used in Sixteen Sails. Collection of John Hubbard Mayo. B & W, 8 1/2"x11". 7/2013 File: Mayo Family
00442.1 Raymond L. Frost World War I Material. Army Uniform, includes binoculars. Corporal, 303 Field Artillery. 6/2013 Box 29
00442.2 Raymond Frost World War I draft notice. 1918. 6/2013 Box 29
00442.3 The G.P.F. Book: Regimental History of the Three Hundred and Third Field Artillery. 364 pages. A yearbook. 6/2013 Box 29
00442.4 Army Field Notebook. World War I Black leather. 4"x6" 6/2013 Box 29
00442.5 Panoramic photo Review 76th Div. Camp Devens. 6/19/18. World War I. Copyright Geo. Russell, sepia, black frame. 8"x32". On back: Raymond L. Frost 303 F.A. 6/2013 Box29
00442.6 Letters from Raymond L. Frost to his Mother, Susie V. Frost and other family members, 1917-19. Includes two pages of 303rd songs and cheers. Typed. One original 5 pages letter to Mr. L. Clark, Cathance Grange, Grove ME. All in binder. 6/2013 Box 29
00442.7 Raymond L. Frost B & W photo portrait, head only, in World War I uniform. 9"x12" framed. 6/2013 Box 29
00442.8 Book: Rhymes of a Red Cross Man, by Robert Service.    
00443.0 Touching Mayo History; Mount Desert Island. By Barbara Smith. Sept. 2006. Color, 8"x8" 21 pages. Geneology. In folder with Genealogy of the Mayo Descendants of Rev. John Mayo of Barnestable Massachusetts, Collected by Edward Doliver Mayo, William Doliver Mayo, Eleanor R. Mayo. Also Letter from Barbara Smith to Rebecca Burnham, June 22, 2013. See also 00441. 7/2013 File: Mayo Family
00444.0 Boyington Bros. Market. Weekend Specials. Postcard to boxholders, Jan. 30, 1951(?) With letter from Beverlee B. Richardson, Hancock ME 6/2013. 7/2013 File: Grocery Stores
00445.0 Town of Southwest Harbor. Collector's Tax List Book. 1930-1955, missing 1935. Maroon, 7 1/2"x5". 3/2013 Box 31
00445.0 Southwest Harbor School. Financial Report. Ledgers: 1914-19, 1920-25, 1926-29, 1929-35, 1935-38. 3/2013 Box 31
00446.0 Pow Wow II. Pemetic Alumni Association newsletter. Various issues. See also 00659.0. Issue list in Box 7/2013 Box 27
00447.0 SWH Cemeteries. List of eleven, with color photos. 3 pages 7/2013 File: Cemeteries
00448.0 WWII veteran finds peace in sharing. Harold Beal. Bangor Daily News Aug. 9, 2013, p. C6. Photocopy 8/2013 File: Beal Family
00449.0 Painting of Addison Packing Co. By Loren Allen, of Sonora CA, son-in-law of Warren Worcester. Given to Mary Robinson. Framed, no glass. 21"X27." 12/2012 ART
00450.0 Painting of Addison Packing Co. Framed. Glass. Artist unknown. 22"X28." 12/2013 ART
00451.0 Photo of May Salsbury, 1983. Color 3 1/2"x5" 8/2013 File: Salsbury
00452.0 Desk set belonging to Francis E. "Mickey" Fahey. In possession of his son Charles Francis Fahey when he died. Six pieces: tray, jar with lid, two dishes, and a memo holder. Belonged to Mickey when he was Field Director of the Amerocan Red Cross in Europe during World War II. handmade by M. Willig, in Freising, Bavaria. See sheet in box for further info. See also 00741. 8/2013 Box 4
00453.0 Seawall, Ship Harbor, Wonderland display, July-Aug. 2013. Contains material on Benson & Dolliver families. Display by Henryetta Ponczik 8/2013 File: Seawall
00454.0 Worcester family material. Enlistment record of Byron Lewis Robinson, obituary of Helen Wass Worcester, Remembrance of Marion Wocester Ruth, Pemetic Graduation program for Class of 1945, several other family notices and photos. 8/2013 File: Worcester Family
00455.0 Russians and Yankees battle mosquitoes on Cranberry Isles. Article by Karl Schfritgiesser in Boston Evening Transcript, July 28, 1928.Computer printout. 5p 9/2013 File: Cranberry Isles
00456.0 Sign: Eugene M. Norwood Sq. Wood, black with gold lettering. 24"x6" 9/2013 GS
00457.1 Oral History Interview. CD. Arlene Spurling. 6/11/13 9/2013 Box 17
00457.2 Oral History Interview. DVD. Arlene Spurling. 6/11/13 9/2013 Box 17
00458.1 Oral History Interview. CD. Driscilla Ward. 7/25/2013 9/2013 Box 17
00459.0 Vessel "Phillips Eaton." Southwest Harbor was its home port 1894-95. Photo 6"x9" from Paper Talks, Seaboard Ed., 2003. 9/2013 File: Ships
00460.0 L. S. Robinson Co. Feature with photos of Robinson, Nancy Reed, Real Estate - Insurance Co. & Robinson Bros. Hardware Store. From Paper Talks, Seaboard Ed., 2013. 9/2013 File: Robinson, L. S.
00461.0 Ship "Norumbega" crew. 9"x10" Photo. 9/2013 File: Ships
00462.0 Southwest Harbor Band marching in Bangor parade. Includes Everton Gott, and Earl Gott. Photo 6"x10". 9/2013 File: Music
00463.0 Class of 1948. Booklet of one inch photos and signatures, 5"x4". Cover is printed Class of 1946. Pemetic High School 8/2013  
00464.1 Sardine carrier "Surfman" at Addison Packing Co. Photo 8"x10" 8/2013 File: Ships
00464.2 Sardine carrier "Surfman" at Addison Packing Co. Photo 8"x10" 8/2013 File: Ships
00465.0 Gilley Property goes to auction. Controversy surrounds sale. Wendell Gilley Museum. Bangor Daily News Magazine article by Mike Gordon. Aug. 7,1984. Photocopy from computer screen photo. 9/2013 File: Gilley, Wendell
00466.0 Wendell Gilley Estate sold at auction. Ellsworth American article by Connie Jellison. No date [Aug. 9, 1984]. Photocopy 9/2013 File: Gilley, Wendell
00467.0 Diesel Company Motors on, John Spofford and Down East Diesel Company. Mount Desert Islander article by Lauren Simmons. No date [Feb. 1, 2005 or 2007]. Photocopy. 9/2013 File: Businesses
00468.0 Junior White has his day. Mount Desert Islander article on Les White by Mark Good. No date [Either Feb. 1, 2005 or Feb. 1, 2007]. Photocopy. 9/2013 File: White, Les "Junior"
00469.0 White Owl Cigar Box. Cardboard. Invincible cigars 2/25 cents. 8 1/2 x 6 1/2. 9/2013 Box 14
00469.1 Hat pins (3). (1) Round white glass finial, 8". (2)Olive shell finial 7". (3) Metal finial 6" 9/2013 Box 14
00469.2 Straight razor. Black case, embossed J.A. Henkels Solingen, Graef & Schmidt, New York. On blade: George Wostenholm & Sons, Washington Works, Sheffield. 9/2013 Box 14
00469.3 Straight razor. Tan case, embossed New England Razor Co. Boston Mass. Handle ivory colored bakelight? On blade: J.E. Goold & Co. Portland ME. 9/2013 Box 14
00469.4 Straight razor. Black case, embossed Joseph Allen & Sons Sheffield England Non XLL. Handle missing. On blade: Medium size hollow ground. Non XLL Joseph Allen & Sons, Sheffield England. 9/2013 Box 14
00469.5 GEM safely razor. Single edge blade, brass color. 9/2013 Box 14
00469.6 Key. Embossed on both sides: CCI Co. New Britain CT. 1 3/4" 9/2013 Box 14
00469.7 Pocket knives (3) Each 2 blades. (1) On embossed filigreed case: Sterling 995/1000. Shut 2 5/8", open 5 1/8". (2) Metal case with black insert - part missing - on each side. Shut 2 3/4" open 4 3/4". (3) Brass sides on metal base. Shut 2 3/4" open 5 1/2". 9/2013 Box 14
00469.8 Button hole scissors. Stamped: Clayton, 2. Adjustable roller between sides, 1/2" cut outs on each blade. 4 1/2". 9/2013 Box 14
00469.9 Tool. Use unknown. Black wooden knob handle. Sliding push assembly with point. 7 3/4". 9/2013 Box 14
00470.0 War Ration Book Four. World War II. US Office of Price Administration. Issued to Uldene V. Farrar. Manset Maine. 1943. Many stamps used. 5 3/4"x4 1/4". 9/2013 Box 14
00470.1 Southwest Harbor Public Schools. Grammar Department. To Norman D. Farrar, May 29, 1931. 13"x17". Badly bug-eaten. 9/2013 Box 34
00470.2 Troopship Westerly Victory to Europe. World War II. 1945. 8 black & white photos. All with large crowds of troops. Belonged to David Spurling, buried in Eastbrook. 5"x7" 9/2013 Box 34
00470.3 World War II panorama photo. Btry B 8th BN 3rd TNG Regt. FA. RTC. Fort Bragg, NC 1/13/45. Photo 2386 Rell Clements. 28"x8". David Spurling. 9/2013 Box 34
00470.4 World War I Uniform. George Abbott, Medic. Elaine Spurling's husband's grandfather. 9/2013 Box 34
00470.5 World War I panorama photo. Caisson Co. #2 Ammunition train[ing], Camp Devens, 1917. Snow & McDermott, Fitchburg, Mass. 36"x 8". 9/2013 Box 34
00471.0 Scenery of Mount Desert: Photographs in black. The Albertype Co., New York. Copyright 1890 by A. Wittemann. Photos by E. Emery. 25 pages. 5"x7" 11/2013 Book
00472.0 Bunker and Ellis: How two men played pool and became boatbuilding icons. Article by Laurie Schreiber from Bangor Daily News Web site, Aug. 28, 2013. Computer printout. 21 pages. Raymond Bunker. Ralph Ellis 11/2013 File: Boat Yards
00473.0 Jarvis Newman, early fiberglass trend-setter. Article by Laurie Schreiber from Bangor Daily News web site, May 30, 2013. Computer printout, 21 pages 11/2013 File: Newman, Jarvis
00474.0 Conundrum meets wit: Rich and Grindle build boats in a barn. Article by Laurie Schreiber from Bangor Daily News web site, Nov. 1, 2013. Computer printout. 21 pages. Roger Rich. Ralph Grindle. 11/2013 File: Boat Yards
00475.0 Historic Thanksgiving at Southwest Harbor. Carroll family 100th anniversary at homestead. Originally from Bangor Daily News, Dec. 3, 1925. From Sprague's Journal, 1926, No. 1, Page 27. Photocopy. 11/2013 File: Carroll Homestead
00476.0 Ballard photos chronicle a bygone age. Article on Library display July 2013. Curators Meredith Hutchins and Charlotte Morrill. Mount Desert Islander, 7/4/13. 11/2013 File: National Register
00477.0 Photo Trove… Willis Ballard. Article by Laurie Schreiber in Working Waterfront, October 2013. Photocopy. 11/2013 File: Ballard, Willis
00478.1 Oral History Interview. CD. Susan B. Newman. 1/31/2013 10/2013 Box 17
00479.1 Oral History Interview. CD. Richard Allen. 3/28/2013 10/2013 Box 17
00480.1 Oral History Interview. CD. Wayne Gilley. 8/14/2012 10/2013 Box 17
00482.1 History Night Programs. 2013. Ralph Stanley, Growing up in SWH. Rich Viera, U.S. Coast Guard in SWH. On one flash drive. 11/2013 Box 35
00482.2 History Night Programs. 2013. Steve Haynes. Granite industry. On one Flash drive. 11/2013 Box 35
00483.0 History Night Programs. 2013. U.S. Coast Guard in SWH. Four DVDs: #1 & 2 Audio only. #3 Pictures only. #4 Pictures and audio. 11/2013 Box 35
00484.0 Gordon and White Garage. Les White, Jr. Ledgers and miscellaneous papers. See also 00425. 2/2024 Box 36
00485.0 Southwest Harbor High School Commencement 1922, 1923, 1924. See also 00161, 00293, 00421. Also Prom Fran Norwood invitation. Courses of study. 3/2014 File: High School Commence.
00486.1 Pemetic High School Year Book, 1945. See also 00054, 00055,00062, 00127, 00280, 00486.2 3/2014 Box 26
00486.2 Pemetic High School Year Book, 1949. See also 00054, 00055, 00062, 00127, 00280, 00486.1 3/2014 Box 26
00487.0 Southwest Harbor High School, Pemetic High School Alumni Association. First meeting, Aug. 17, 1926 to 1953. Minutes. Black binder 11" x 10." 2/2014 Box 28
00488.0 Meat Scale. From Carroll Meat Market, Clark Point Rd. 1-24 pounds. Mfg by Hanson Bros., Chicago. Ring on top, hook on bottom, 5 inch scale. 13" ring to hook. ON LOAN FROM SWH LIBRARY 4/2014 Box 2
00489.1 Historic Resources Inventory, Phase 1. Deborah Thompson, Mary Jones & others. 1999. 5" black binder. See also 00233.0 for photos 5/2014 Binder
00489.2 Historic Resources Inventory. Phase 2. Deborah Thompson, Mary Jones & Others. 1999. 5" black binder. See also 00233.0 for photos 5/2014 Binder
00490.0 Photo Album. Photocopies, computer prints, some color, some postcard copies. Done by Paul Blanchette. 3" black binder. 4/2014 Binder
00491.1 History Night Program DVDs, copies of those for sale. Fishing. Seavey. July 20,2011. 5/2014 Box 35
00491.2 History Night DVD. Ice Cutting. Jack Gilley. Aug. 15, 2012. 5/2014 Box 35
00491.3 History Night DVD. SWH Boyhood. Ralph Stanley. Aug. 21, 2013 5/2014 Box 35
00491.4 History Night DVD. Coast Guard. Rich Viera. Sept. 18, 2013 5/2014 Box 35
00491.5 History Night DVD. Granite Industry. Steve Haynes. Oct. 16, 2013 5/2014 Box 35
00492.0 United Church of Christ. Congregational. Bicentennial, 1792-1992. 9"x5 1/2". 2 copies. 4/2014 File: Congregational Church
00493.0 Shore scene with three-masted schooner. Black & White, 7"x10". 2/2014 File: Southwest Harbor
00494.0 Celebration of Southwest Harbor Heritage Past and Present. Featured oral history by Ralph Stanley narration by Lee Patterson, script by Harry Meserve and Mary Jones. Sponsored by MDI Historical Society & Harbor House.May 13, 1999. 8 1/2"x11". Single sheet ad. 5/2014 File: Southwest Harbor
00495.0 Letter, typed, and handwritten note 1999 from J. Murray Johnston about livng in the family summer cottage on Manset shore 1917-99. House built by Robie Norwood. 5/2014 File: Manset Shore
00496.0 Mary Jones material. DVD Presentation Power Point 8/23/2015 with misc photos, "Norwood photos." In same sleeve "Microsoft Home Essentials 98." DVD of "Mary's data." Cassette tape: McGowen, Harbor House. Cassette tape: Pritchett, Zinsswe, Dickenson, Ballard. Ballard copy of photo 702 of Old Harmon House, main St.. 8"x10". Album of 14 color 4"x6" photos of a presentation to MDI Historical Soc? with Mary Jones, Ralph Stanley, & Jaylene Roths. Black & White photos of gravestones of Capt. Benjamin Ward & Augustus Rafnel, Tyson House & other houses. Slides (35) of buildings and scenery. See also 00233, 00489. 5/2014 Box 1
00497.0 Charles Fahey material. Pemetic tie clasp. American Legion cap. 2 Maine Interscholastic Tournament charms in tiny box. Framed lawrence S. Robinson ad with Pemetic High School Eastern Maine Champions 1949, 9 1/2"x16" framed. 1/2014 Box 4
00498.0 Largest Pemetic Reunion. Bangor Daily News, June 10, 1976, page 25. Photocopy. Contains 7 photos. 5/2014 File: Pemetic Alumni
00499.0 Carroll Drug Store. Envelope with advertizing. 4"x6 1/2". 5/2014 File: Businesses
00500.0 Post cards. 2 of Wharf scenes SWH (one Ballard), 1 view from Manset shore. Black & White. 2/2014 File: Post cards
00501.0 Small-town feel. Carroll Drug Store. Article in Health Quarterly, Ellsworth American, vol.1, No.1, May 2014, pages 14-15. Color. 5/2014 File: Businesses
00502.0 Business bill-heads from four SWH businesses: George N. Leighton, blacksmith; Gordon & White Garage; Herrick & Pinkham, builders; Manset Marine Supply. All 1951, billed to Town of Cranberry Isles. 5/2014 File: Businesses
00503.0 Vintage toy helps solve historic riddle. Search for photo studio of Bryant Bradley building in Rand photo of Deacon Clark in buggy. Mt. Desert Islander, May 1, 2014. Photocopy. 5/2014 File: Businesses
00504.0 Photos. Pemetic High School Classmates. 1950? Graduation, class trip?, Various individuals. Belonged to Nancy Dunbar. 5/2014  
00505.0 Cutlass. Steel, leather grip. 31". Dug up by Jack and Wayne Gilley's father in Manset, 1920s (?). 5/2014 GS
00506.0 Jar. Glass. Cobalt blue, gold color trim. Souvenier of Manset Maine printed on cover. 3" diameter, 2 1/2" high. 5/2014 Box 2
00507.0 Southwest Harbor Town Report. 1951, 1953, 1978.. See also 00032, 00033, 00034, 00094, 00095. 5/2014 Box 15, 15 A
00508.0 Photo, color. Unidentified woman, Les White, Jr., Myrtle White at dedication of the Town of Cranberry Isles Parking lot on the Manset shore. 3"x5". 2/2014 File: Cranberry Isles
00509.1 Oral History Interview. DVD. Thomas H. Newman, Jr. March 19, 2011 by Karen Craig and Bruce Komusin. 5/2014 Box 17
00510.1 Oral History Interview. DVD. Dorothy and Warren Worcester. Jan. 16, 2012 by Karen Craig and Bruce Komusin. 5/2014 Box 17
00511.0 History Night DVD. Prohibition Era in SWH. Ralph Stanley. Aug. 19,2008. 6/2014 Box 35
00512.0 History Night DVD. WWII, K-14 Blimp. Earl Brechlin. July 18, 2012. 6/2014 Box 35
00513.0 Islands of Life: A Proposal from the Nature Conservancy. Comb-back 8 1/2 x 11 booklet. 14 pages plus a two fold-out maps, 9 color photos. A plea for financial help. Also two page letter from J. Mason Moffit to Dr. Val Jordan asking for donation. No date, probably 1983. 6/2014 File: Nature Conservancy
00514.0 Bar Harbor Fire. Twentieth anniversary. Bar Harbor Times. October 19,1967. Two sections. 6/2014 File: Bar Harbor Fire
00515.0 Gott Island. Glossy negative photo of survey drawing of Great & Little Gott. 8"x10" 6/2014 File: Gott Island
00516.0 Bar Harbor. Article on MDI. From Holiday Magazine, July 1965. Many color photos of "society" people. 6/2014 File: Mount Desert Is.
00517.0 Newspaper articles by Robert Thum, Brother-in-Law of Dr. Val Jordan. Both highlight Manset: A Trip to Maine, 12/5/79 and Amidst the Lobster Salad and Aquivit, 10/14/81. Photocopies from Burlington (VT) Banner. 6/2014 File: Manset
00518.0 Torrey Family Genealogy. 3" black binder. Genealogy by Susanne Clark,133 West View Dr., Meriden CT 06450. 203-440-4338 Sticker on binder: Hazel Oliver, 1733 Main Rd., Carroll Plt ME 04487 7/2014 Binder
00519.0 Nautical Charts. 10. In bag. #6, 1895/1090 Quoddy Head to Cape Cod, linen. #102, 1888/1906 Little River to Petit Manan, linen. #103, 1910 MDI linen. #104, 1911 Penobscot Bay. #206, 1956 Southwest Harbor. #306, 1926/38 Frenchman Bay. @1202, 1967 Blue Hill Bay. #1204 1912/1915 Monhegan to Cape Elizabeth linen. #3318, 1986 Frenchman Bay & MDI. #13260, 1976 Bay of Fundy to Cape Cod. 7/2014 GS
00520.0 Coffin Plate (also called Casket Plaque). Pewter. Annie D. Harper, Died Dec. 13, 1873, Aged 28 Years. 4"x6" oval. Two sheets of genealogical information by Ruth Davis 7/2014 File: Harper Family
00521.0 Dance Card on Stanley Fisheries tag: Entry ticket and dance schedule for the 1949 Second Annual Fishermen's Ball. Photographic copy, 4 1/2"x4" 7/2014 File: Fishermen's Ball
00522.0 Harness Racing at its best, 2012. 8 1/2"x11" Glossy 130 page booklet published by the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame, Goshen NY. Jean Boomer Emerson is featured on pages 34, 50, 67, 80-85, & others. Pemetic H.S. graduate, class of 1948. Includes letter of gift and personal info. 7/2014 File: Emerson, Jean B.
00523.0 Schoolboy Basketball Highlights. Southwest Harbor High School & Pemetic High School. By Simon Sklar, Published by the Eighth Grade, Pemetic High School. 5 1/2"x8 1/2" 14 pages. No date, perhaps 1957, 58, or 64. 7/2014 File: Basketball
00523.0 Diary of Byron Lewis Robinson, World War I. April 26, 1917 - Dec. 23, 1919. With poetry. 53 pages. Photocopied. 7/2014 File: Robinson, Byron. Diary
00524.0 Greening's Island. Book by Donald Colton Esty, b. Feb. 6, 1914, d. Aug. 7, 2006. Original 9"x6". 63 pages. Photocopy. Sections on Colton Family, Ralph Green, Thorp Family, Gardiner & Dinsmore Families, Bloomfield Reed. Genealogy material. 7/2014 File: Greening Island
00525.0 Dinner with the Hinckleys: How family, crew, and culture made a world-class brand. Profiles Maine, Bangor Daily News web site, April 16, 2014. Article by Laurie Schreiber. 26 pages. Gwen & Henry Hinckley. 7/2014 File: Hinckley Company
00526.0 Fisherman Laurence Newman: Snow, fog, "whatever, we went out and set the trawls." Profiles Maine, Bangor Daily News web site, Feb. 4, 2014. Article by Laurie Schreiber. 14 pages. 7/2014 File: Newman Family
00527.0 War boats, draggers, sportfishermen, trawler-yachts: Bink Sargent navigates a diverse career. Profiles Maine, Bangor Daily News web site, March 6, 2014. Article by Laurie Schreiber. 23 pages. Lennox "Bink" Sargent 7/2014 File: Boat Yards
00528.0 Adequate: A Bunker and Ellis gem, an admirer's fulfillment. Profiles Maine, Bangor Daily News web site, Swpt. 24, 2013. Article by Laurie Schreiber. 11 pages. Rod Lucas, boat owner. Also info about house "Grand-Pre," Consuelo Cloos. 7/2014 File: Boat Yards
00529.0 If I were the boss of creation: Bob Quinn brings back his Uncle Bonney's Island poems. C. Bonney Quinn (1903-1962), of Eagle island, Penobscot Bay. Complete works of Bonney, collected by son Paul A. Quinn, recitred by nephew Robert L. Quinn. 2 CDs, CD 1: Poems, CD 2: Bob Quinn tells stories. Re-Bop Records, No date. 7/2014 File: Eagle Is. Penob. Bay
00530.0 Your guide to Mt. Desert Island and to Pleasant Dining at the Seawall Dining Room. Single sheet 8 1/2"x 11. Map of MDI on one side, Things to Do on other. No date. 8/2014 File: Seawall Dining Room
00531.0 Mt. Desert Island Summer Guide. Copyright 1972. 7"x10". 40 pages. 8/2014 Box 16
00532.0 Pemetic High School Class of 1958 (one 1957). Red box with clasp, 6"x8 1/2"x2". 15 individual black and white class pictures with personal name cards, addressed to "Evelyn." 8/2014 Box 37
00533.0 Southwest Harbor Land Use Ordinance. Approved June 29, 1992, Amended through May 6, 1996. 78 pages. 8/2014 File: Southwest Harbor Comprehensive Plan
00534.0 Town of Southwest Harbor Newsletter. April 2008+ 8/2014 File: Southwest Harbor Newsletter
00535.0 Airlift to automation. Coast Guard taking automation eguipment to Mt. Desert Rock. Bar Harbor Times, Sept. 22, 1977. 6/2014 File: Coast Guard
00536.0 Wednesday Night Fire levels Stanley Fisheries at Manset. Bar Harbor Times, April 13, 1967. 6/2014 File: Stanley Fisheries
00537.0 Craft With Character and Mariner Notes. Vol. 1. Maine Antique Boat Society. Edited by Ted Welles. 1975. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2." 16 pages. 6/2014 File: Sailboats and Sailing
00538.0 Dr. Val Jordan material. Mostly color photos of an osprey study, 1966. Other Manset and Southwest Harbor shore scenes, 1960s to 1980. A few letters & general newspaper clippings. He lived at 164 Skoal Corner, Shore Road, Manset. 6/2014 File: Jordan Material
00539.0 Elmer "Goog" Davis, information. Pond behind Town Office and road to it bears his name "Goog" Pond. 8/2014 File: Davis Family
00540.0 King Cemetery, King's Lane, Manset. Section of Ellis Boat Company deed showing exclusion of cemetery from property. Vol. 1884, page 43, 1991 8/2014 File: Cemeteries
00541.0 New Home Treadle Sewing Machine, c. 1883. Originally used in the Katahdin area. Serial No. 336390. 9/2014 GS, File: Sewing Machine
00542.0 Pharmacist marks 20 years of service. About Eric Norberg of Carroll Drug Store. Article in Mount Desert Islander, Sept. 4, 2014, Sec.1, p.3. 9/2014 File: Drug Stores
00543.0 The Battle of Norwood's Cove, Southwest Harbor's Victory over the British in the War of 1812, August 6, 1814 to August 11, 1814. Compiled by Meredith R. Hutchins and Charlotte R. Morrill. Southwest Harbor Public Library Imprint Number 2. 2014. 9"x6" book. 9/2014 Book
00544.0 Shell casing, 40 mm, anti-aircraft, brass, 1943, World War II. Found in the yard of Christine Loizeaux on Keel Way, SWH. Now 2 inches high, cut down from about a foot long. Souvenir probably used as an ashtray. 8/2014 Box 37
00545.0 Scrapbook. 1940s greeting cards for various personal celebrations and holidays 9/2014 Book
00546.0 A Maine tradition may succumb to modern methods, lower costs. Article from Bar Harbor Times, May 15, 1980 on Bear Island lighthouse. 9/2014 File: Lighthouses
00547.0 Manset's "Ike" Stanley is a truly a trader extraordinary in own way. Alrticle by Eleanor Newman. Bangor Daily News, no date, 1948. 9/2014 File: Stanley, Isaac
00548.0 History of Tremont Lodge No. 77 From Dec. 31, 1890 - Dec. 31, 1954, 68 pages, 9"x6". History of Tremont Lodge No. 77, From 1871 to 1881, photocopy of various pages, 9"x6". 9/2014 File: Masons
00549.0 Raymond D. Billings: A Father Who Did The Impossible. Written by Myra Billings Marino. Genealogy. No date. 8 1/2" x 11," photocopy. 25 pages. 9/2014 File: Billings Family
00550.0 Dolliver Genealogy. 1775+. By David M. Dolliver. 15 pages, includes maps. 10/2014 File: Dolliver Family
00551.0 Seawall Dining Room Menu. No date. Annabelle Robbins & Naomi Trundy. 4 pages 10/2014 File: Seawall Dining Room
00552.0 War Ration Book No. 3. (Written in ink at bottom: Book 4.) 5 1/2" x 4." USA Office of Price Administration, 1943. Two copies: Byron Lewis Robinson and Elsie M. Robinson. See also 00470. 10/2014 File: World War II
00553.0 Business Card. H.B. Gilley. Dealer in Millinary....Fancy Goods, Hosery, Gloves, Laces, Hamburgs,.... Etc. Also Jewelry of the Finest Description. Southwest Harbor, ME. Hannah Gilley hd a store in the old ell, which was attached to the main house of Warren and Dorothy Worcester. No date. 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" 10/2014 File: Business Cards
00554.0 Sign: John Carroll & Sons. So. West Harbor, ME. Lehigh Cement. Black on White. 12" x 24". The Carrolls were masons. 9/2014 Corridor wall
00555.0 Marriage Certificate. Byron H. Mayo and Fannie M. Dolliver, both of Tremont. June 25, 1881. J. H. Baker, Clergyman. In presence of Miss Rahana Jones (?) and Miss Addie A. King. Photocopy. 10/2014 File: Marriage Certificates
00556.0 Dolliver Genealogy. Family tree chart. Early 1600s to present. Created by David M. Dolliver. 3 ft. x 8 ft. Rolled, in U.S. Postal Service tube. 11/2014 Box 23
00557.0 World War II. Account by Doug Norwood of the sinking of fishing vessels Aeolus and Ben and Josephine and Southwest Harbor response to the sailors rescued. Also letter from sailor Everett Gallagher. Photocopies of this write-up in the SWHHS newsletter Sou'West Voyage, February 2010, pages 8 & 9. ? File: World War II
00558.0 Capt. Edward C. Harper, skipper of the ship "Boomer." Ship built in Somesville, sailed out of Tremont. Photo of portrait owned by Clifford Harper, of Warren. 11/2014 File: Harper Family
00559.0 Gott's Store marks 70 years of family. Article by Mark Good. Mount Desert Islander, Oct. 30, 2014. Photocopy, 11/2014 File: Gott's Store
00560.0 285 Seawall Road, "Leonard House, Manset." Photocopy of two photos loaned by Janice Leonard Reed. 8/2015 File: Houses
00561.0 "A mystery written in stone." Seawall stone inscription "1895-1900 CHH." Mount Desert Islander, July 23,2010. Photocopy. 7/2015 File: Seawall
00562.0 George Lewis Genealogy. Compiled by Jean Lewis Hanscom. 2 volumes, in plastic sleeves. 8 1/2 x 11. 5/2015 File: Lewis Family
00563.0 Child's wood sled, metal runners. 39 inches long 12/2014 GS
00564.0 Pemetic Yearbook 1921.Published by the Senior Class of Southwest Harbor High School. The first yearbook. 35 numbered pages, plus advertising. Lacks cover. 8 1/2 x 11. See also 00054, 00055, 0062, 00127, 00281, 00420, 00648 6/2015 Box 25
00565.0 Photographs (3), unidentified. School students. 6/2015 File: Schools
00566.0 Winters Past: Maine Lake Ice Company. The Booksville Breeze, Winter 2010. 3 pages, 8 1/2 x 11. ?/2015 File: Ice Harvesting
00567.0 Receipt for purchase of the Manset Library building by Paul Goodwin. May 31, 1978. Handwritten. 9 x 6 inches. Signed by J. Lowell Noyes 6/2015 File: Manset
00568.0 "Plastic flamingo creator," MDI Icon dies. Donald Featherstone. Mount Desert Islander, June 25, 2015 sec. 1, page 1. Photocopy. In sleeve with "Don Featherstone, creator of pink lawn flamingo, dies at 79." Bangor Daily News, June 25, 2015. Pagre 6C. 6/2015 File: Flamingo Festival
00569.0 "Finding the Good Life." Paul and Margot Haertel. Acadia National Park Superintendant. HQ Health Quarterly, Summer 2015, pages 8-9. 6/2025 File: Haertel
00570.0 The Moorings Restaurant. Menu and information on the Inn and Restaurant . No date. ?/2015 File: Moorings
00572.0 Elm Tree on front lawn of Dottie and Warren Worcester's home, 306 Main St. Warren Worcester pictured. July 1986. Color photo 6 x 4". See Chebacco 2015, page 61. See also 00654 7/2015 File: Worcester family
00573.0 Invitation to attend Ninth Annual Gay Nineties Ball, VIA Hall, Manset, Friday, April 13, 1956. 7/2015 File: VIA Hall
00574.0 Dolliver Farms, Seawall. Photos from Society's laptop collection. 7/2015 File: Seawall
00575.0 Asian lodging goes Acadian: Yurt adapted for rentals in Southwest Harbor. Article by Laurie Schreiber. Working Waterfront, June 2015. Photocopy 6/2015 File: Houses
00576.0 State of Maine Noncommercial Registered Agent forms. 7/2015 File: SWH Hist Soc Documents
00577.0 Manset Man fought beside J.Paul Jones. John Brown buried at Manset Union Church Cemetery. 7/2015 File: Cemeteries
00578.0 245 Seawall Road. 1915 photo. Once Manset Post. Office. Society's Laptop Collection 7/2015 File: Post Offices
00579.0 Campground septic woes may aid town. Mount Desert Islander, Oct. 2, 2014, page 1. 10/2014 File: Southwest Harbor General
00580.0 Roadside vending rules eyed. Mount Desert Islander, Nov. 13, 2014. Page 1 11/2014 File: Businesses
00581.0 Demolition of house explored. Rhoades House. Mount Desert Islander, Nov. 6, 2014, Sec. 1, page 5. 11/2014 File: Rhoades Park
00582.0 Couple celebrates 60th anniversary. Anne and David Benson. Mount Desert Islander, Nov. 13, 2014. Sec. 1, page 6. 11/2014 File: Benson family
00583.0 Bruce Henry Komusin. Obituary. Mount Desert Islander, Feb. 23, 2015. 2/2015 File: Komusin, Bruce
00584.0 Southwest Harbor Revisited: Times Writer Reports on 1922 Fire. Article by LaRue Spiker. Bar Harbor Times, No date. 5/2015 File: Fires
00585.0 Seawall fixture coming down. Annabelle's. Seawall Dining Room. Common Good Café finds new home. Mount Desert Islander, April 16, 2015. Page 1 4/2015 File: Seawall Dining Room
00586.0 Steadfast Service: "Nurse Julie" had dispensed care, kindness and humor for decades. Julie Fernald, Southwest Harbor Medical Clinic. Health Quarterly, Fall 2015, page 5, 19. 8/2015 File: Medical Centers & Clinics
00587.0 Popovers create community on MDI. Larry Stetner & Common Good Café. Bangor Daily News 8/12/2015, Page C. 1. 8/2015 File: Common Good
00588.0 The Lasting Benefits of Protecting a Pond. Chris's Pond [Chris Lawlor]. Island Landscapes: Maine Coast Heritage Trust. Summer 2015 8/2015 File: Chris's Pond
00589.0 Gender-neutral restrooms urged. Planning for new public restrooms. Mount Desert Islander, April 16, 2015. 4/2015 File: Southwest Harbor. General
00590.0 Memories of the J.T. Morse. By Bill Benson, Seawall Maine. 7/2015 File: Steamboats
00591.0 Yellowed Pages; Facts researched by Sesquicentennial Committee. With Seawall Map drawing. MDI dates. 7/2015 File: Seawall
00592.0 Manset Church Parish House Destroyed by Fire. Nov. 15, 1937. Scrapbook entry. 7/2015 File: Churches
00593.0 A Salute to the Rockefeller Legacy. Special section on David Rockefeller. June 11/2015, Section 5. 6/2015 File: Rockefeller
00594.0 Manset's Ike Stanley is truly a trader extraordinary in own way. Article by Eleanor Newman. Bangor Daily News. No date 6/2015 File Stanley, Isaac
00595.0 Val Jordan material: 2 columns The Rambler, articles and photos. 6/2015 File: Jordan Material
00596.0 Park Theatre. Photograph photocopy. From Discover Maine, vol. 8, no. 6, 2011, page 49. From Penobscot Marine Museum collection 6/2015 File: Park Theatre
00597.0 Center of SWH. Early view. Clark Street. From Discover Maine, V. 24, no. 6, 2015. From Eastern Illustrating Collection at Penobscot Marin Museum 7/2015 File: Southwest Harbor General
00598.0 Celia Dunham and Warren Worcester (Postmaster) at SWH Post Office. Note on back "Warren taught quite a few in the post office procedures." Color photo, 5 x 7 inches of Dunham cutting a cake. 12/2014 File: Worcester family
00599.0 Post cards. (4). Two of Ocean House: one black & white by Charles Townsend of Belfast, one tinted by W.H. Prilay, Pittsfield ME. One Somes Sound Mt. Desert Island, Maine, Acadia National Park, American Art Post Card Co #2894. One Mountain View from Manset, Southwest Harbor, Maine American Art #5667 12/2014 File: Postcards
00600.0 Myrna Fahey: Southwest Harbor's Glamour Girl of Television. Article by James Nalley. Discover Maine, Vol. 8 issue 6, 2011. Page 50-51. Photocopy. 7/2015 Box 3
00601.0 Southwest Harbor Historical Society. List of Programs 2006 - 9/2015 File: SWH Hist Soc Programs
00602.0 Information on Les White Sr. & Jr. Correspondence between Linda Harvey & Becky Burnham, 2015 9/2015 File: White, Les
00603.0 Wilder Neal Stanley Genealogical info. 8/2015 File: Genealogy
00604.0 Dudley Bunker Dolliver II Genalogical info. 8/2015 File: Genealogy
00605.0 Web site. SWH Historical Society 8/2015 File: Web site
00606.0 Dust pan. Green metal with printing: "Go to the Live Yankee's For…. Cigars & Groceries. Southwest Harbor, ME." 8/2015 Box 37
00607.0 H.R. Beal Co. Ledger books. 38 volumes. 8/2015 Books
00608.0 Astro Compass in brown wood case. Stencilled on case "VP-53 Astro Compas MK II. Ref. No. 6A/1174. Canada. Dominion Electric Protection Company." 10 x 5 1/2 x6 3/4. 8/2015 Box 37
00609.0 Pemetic High School basketball jacket. Maroon with 6" buff patch reading: Maine State Champs Pemetic S.W. Harbor 1957 Class M." Belonged to Wayne Mitchell. Added by Jack Gilley 8/2015 Box 6
00610.0 Samuel S. Newman, Nancy Caroline Spurling Newman Genalogy info. 8/2015 File: Genealogy
00611.0 Photos: Three of Stanley Fisheries after fire, 1919. One photo, Hoisting barrel from boat, Stanley Fisheries. One of workers, about 1927. Photocopies. 9/2015 File: Stanley Fish Wharf
00612.0 Photos (2): Three men pulling in herring net. Fishermen talking about low fish prices, Bar Harbor Times May 24, 1979. Photocopies. 9/2015 File: Fishing
00613.0 Southwest Harbor/Tremont Visitor Guide. Various years. Bruce Carlson was Director of the Chamber of Commerce, 1999- 12. 11/2014 Box 16
00614.0 Scroll - panorama of West side of Maine Street. Sheets taped together. Photocopy. Made by Bruce Carlson. 11" high. 11/2014 Box 37
00615.0 Ralph Stanley: An Eye for Wood. DVD by Jeff Dobbs. Jefferson Davis Grant Foundation, 2014. With SWHHS donation paper and announcement of Dobbs production of Forebears: The Birth of Acadia national Park. 9/2015 Box 37
00616.0 Sports Show Night before the Pemetic High School 50th Reunion. Class of 1960. 2010. Color photos in black binder, made by Fred Pinkham. 6/2015 Binder
00617.0 Unraveling the secrets in Trenton's abandoned Cemetery of Unknowns. Article by Bob Whittaker. Bangor Daily News, May 17-18, 2015. Photocopy 6/2015 File: Cemeteries
00618.0 Letter of Abram Somes, first settler of MDI to Eben Parson, Esq., of Boston 1816 concerning effort to evict him. Bar Harbor Hist. Soc. Printed in Mount Desert Islander Extra, Nov. 27, 2014. Photocopy 6/2015 File: Early settlement
00619.0 Document found by donor in papers of Donald Esty, of Greening's Island, on early settlement. 11/2014 File: Early settlement
00620.0 Our Neighborhood Manset & Seawall. Southwest Harbor Historical Society, 2015. Edited by John Burnham and Rebecca Burnham. 165 pages. Includes CD of the book. 8 1/2 x 11". [This is the first printing, of 100. See also 00690 & 00691 for second and third printing. Slight changes in each.] 9/2015 Book
00621.0 Letters to Lauralee. By Doug Norwood (Douglas Milton Norwood, July 24, 1926- Jan. 23, 2012). Self-published, 2011. Includes 8 page funeral booklet, Feb. 18, 2012. 5 1/2 x 9" 8/2015 Book
00622.0 Postcards. Color. 2 copies of Southwest Harbor from air, 1955, by Luther S. Phillips, Bangor ME. 1 City Hall and Congregational Church, Ellsworth ME Tichnor Bros., Boston. 1 Main Street, Ellsworth ME., Tichnor Bros., Boston. 6/2015 File: Postcards
00623.0 Pemetic High School Boys Glee Club, 1947. Black & White photo 8 1/2"x11. 9/2015 File: Pemetic Music
00624.0 Undergarment clothing, passed down from Ada Eldora Clark Parker (1850-1917) to great -grand daughter Roberta Alexander Lyman. Includes: Child's christening gown, short; Child's christening gown, long; Child's long slip; Adult half slip; Child's half slip; Lady's one-piece undergarment; lady's slip; Make-up blouse; Black skirt; Half apron; long apron; Short length garment (slip?); Adult half slip. Includes 13 page booklet with photographs of garments and some genealogy dates of Clarks and Parkers by the donor. 9/2015 Box 38
00625.0 Spike from Manset ice pond sluiceway. Cast Iron, 14" long. 7/2015 Box 37
00626.0 Sign: Farley's Carpets. 20" x 36" White board with multi-colored carpet letters. For further information see business card attached to Deed of Gift form. Also includes Photo of Marilyn Farley with the sign. 10/2015 GS
00627.0 Wayside Inn Restaurant, Main St./Seal Cove Rd. corner. Menu photocopy. Article in Mount Desert Islander, Oct. 1, 2015, Sec.4, page 2. 10/2015 File: Restaurants
00628.0 Barbara Shirley Dolliver (1921-1996) material: Elementary School diploma, SWH High School Diploma, Wedding items (to Huston Coombs): Service booklet with tipped in note from minister Emma Shaw, borrowed white handkerchief, leaf pattern decoration, Obituary, High School charms: 2 basketballs, three flat charms. Donor is her daughter. 10/2015 File: Dolliver family
00629.0 Dolliver scrapbook items. Newspaper articles, Captains license for George B. Dolliver 1942, also Coombs material. 10/2015 File: Dolliver family
00630.0 Jellison Family scrapbook items. Newspaper articles, includes Mink Farm. 10/2015 File: Jellison Family
00631.0 MDI small-town boy remembers international security career. Phil Whitney. Article in Working Waterfront, Nov. 2015, page 6. by Laurie Schreiber. 11/2015 File: Whitney Family
00632.0 Pemetic High School Sports history, especially basketball from 1913 on. Winning 1957 team clippings and celebration. Letter from May Salsbury. Photo of Frank Tracy. Collection of Marilyn Carroll LaHaye. 10/2015 File: Pemetic Sports
00633.0 Photo of "Air Alert Team." These were airplane spotters in the early 1940s, World War II, who looked for German planes from the Pemetic School roof. Ballard Photo. Collection of Marilyn Carroll LaHaye. 10/2015 File; World War II
00634.0 Watercolor painting on paper of Stanley Fish Wharf, Manset Shore. By Harriet M. Pope. 1949. 10" x 14'. 10/2015 Art
00635.0 Business Advertising. Photocopies of advertising pages from Tremont Cookbook, Compiled and Published by Tremont Ladies Aid, 1951. Hancock County Publishing Co., Ellsworth. 15 pages. See 00131 for 1928 edition. 11/2015 File: Businesses
00636.0 Directory and Hand Book 1924. Southwest Harbor, Manset and Tremont. Compiled by Mrs. Seth S. Thornton. Second ed. 6"x3", 70 pages. Richard T. Carroll 1978 signature in back. From Marilyn Carroll LaHaye. 10/2015 File: Directory
00637.0 History of Thompson Island and the Thompson Family. Rewritten by Cindy Thompson King. August 2015. Originally titled The Thompsons of Thompson Island, Bar Harbor - Trenton, Maine, A Family History, Written by John Thompson. Illustrated. Photocopy. 11/2015 File: Thompson Family
00638.0 The Fall the Resort Almost Died. By LaRue Spiker. Reprint in Acadia Weekly, Oct. 18-31, 2015, page 7-10. 11/2015 File: Bar Harbor Fire
00639.0 The Battle of Norwood's Cove. Based on a Story by Ted Spurling, Sr. Arcadia Weekly, Oct. 18-31, 2015, page 12-13. 11/2015 File: Norwood Cove
00640.0 Postcards. Box (10"x6"x 4 1/2" high) of old cards, including Leighton, Eastern, Chisholm, and Ballard publications. Subjects: Acadia Nat Park (47); Bar Harbor (36); Cranberry Isles (4); Ellsworth (17); Maine misc. (51); Manset (28); Mount Desert (town) (35); Southwest Harbor (116); Tremont (4). Total 228. Some duplicates. Collected by Susan and Jarvis Newman. 5/2016 Box 39
00641.0 Christmas card postcard from May S. Salsbury, 1980. With personal note. 5/2016 File: Salsbury
00642.0 Orlando King. Photo and write-up as a page in Maine Veterans' Home 2016 Calendar. King founded the Seawall campground store. 5/2016 File: Seawall
00643.0 Village Green Center for the Arts. "Arts Center Proposed." By Mark Good. Mount Desert Islander, 2/11/2016. 5/2016 File: Village Green Center
00644.0 George Swanson, Composer & Author: Natural Causes Killed Victor - A Death in Solitary: A folk Opera. DVD 2015. Presented at St. Saviour's Parish Church, Bar Harbor, Aug. 22, 2014. 2 booklets. In mailer with promotional stickers. 2/2016 File: Swanson
00645.0 "Rebuilding Moose brings back memories." By Liz Graves. Mount Desert Islander, May 5, 2016, Sec. 2, p. 4. Richard Stanley rebuilds boat for Kathe and Dan Walton. 5/2016 File: Boats
00646.0 Pemetic Elementary School Yearbooks. 8th grade. 1972, 1984. See also 00416, 00747. 5/2016 File: Pemetic Elem.Sc.Yearbook
00647.0 Stanley House tri-fold post card of 6 photos. 11"x6". 5/2016 File: Hotels
00648.0 Pemetic High School Yearbook. 1939, 1940, 1951 (Jr class), 1952, 1953, 1954, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966. See also 00054, 00055, 00062, 00127, 00281, 00420, 00564, 00662, 5/2016 Box 26
00649.0 Pemetic Yearbook. 1946, 1950, 1952. See also numbers listed in 00648, above. 1/2016 Box 26
00650.0 Guide map of Acadia National Park Maine. Black on white. 14"x20". No date (before 1966, map shows "McKinley"). 1/2016 File: Acadia National Park
00651.0 Birds of Mt. Desert Island, Acadia National Park Maine. By Carroll Tyson and James Bond. Philadelphia, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1941. 82 pages. 7"x5". 1/2016 Book
00652.0 Mount Desert Island High School. Islander Yearbook. 1987. See also 00418. 5/2016 Book
00653.0 Cousin Chart. Family of John Robinson, listed by Mary E. Robinson. Genealogy. 5/2016 File: Robinson Family
00654.0 Worcester home, 306 Main St. Old American Elm tree. Color photo, 8"x10". See also 00572. 5/2016 File: Worcester Family
00655.0 Invitation to ceremony honoring Mary Brown Robinson with a grave marker from the MDI DAR chapter, Oct. 10, 1997, Mount height Cemetery. 5/2016 File: Robinson Family
00656.0 Naval Visits To Frenchman's Bay. Hardbound photographic book, compiled, written, and signed & donated by Jonathan Eno. 2015, 693 pages, 15"x 12". Includes information on Crashboats (p. 409-411); Henry Hinckley Co. (420-426). 4/2016 Book
00657.0 Clark's Dairy quart glass bottle. 11/2105 Box 37
00658.0 Pencil. L. S. Robinson. 11/2015 Box 37
00659.0 Pow Wow II, Pemetic High School Alumni Assoc. Newsletter. 24 issues, 2002-2011. Issue list in box. See also 00446.0 6/2016 Box 27
00660.0 As I Remember Southwest Harbor, As I Remember Pemetic High School. Articles by Don Reed in the Pow Wow for April and May 2016. 6/2016 File: Southwest Harbor (General)
00661.0 Graduation Exercises. Public Schools, Town of Southwest Harbor, Grammar School Department, Methodist-Episcopal Church, June the fifteenth, 1906. 5/2016 File: Schools
00662.0 Pemetic High School Yearbooks. 1926, 1929-32, 1934-42, 1944-53. See 00648 for list of other donations. 5/2016 Box 26A
00663.0 Navy soft hats. Black cloth. Belonged to Norman Farrar, WWII, 1940s. 5/2016 Box 37
00664.0 Manset Cubs, baseball team, players probably about 8-10 years old. Dennis Ellis, Eddie Smith, Johnny Wellington, Fredie Thurston, Roscoe Dolliver, Jimmy Thurston, Fred Pinkham (Fred's Team). About 1940. Black & white photo, 3 1/2"x 5". 5/2016 File: Baseball
00665.0 Pemetic High School Basketball team, Feb. 1948. Eastern Maine Champions. Black & White photo 5"x7". 6/2016 File: Basketball
00666.0 Grammar School black & white photo, with names. Probably early 1930s. 6 1/2"x5 1/2". 5/2016 File: Grammar School
00667.0 2005 Chamber or Commerce Centennial Calendar. Three page list of activities. 6/2006 File: Centennial
00668.0 Framed photo of Children of Willam Sheldon Brown & Hattie Gertrude Stover/Leland Brown: Hilda Brown, Maxine Brown, Mary Brown, Hattie Stover/Leland Brown, William Sheldon Brown, Forest Brown. Black & white, 12"x15". 4/2016 File: Worcester Family
00669.0 Framed photo: Alfred & Irene (Conley) Worcester. Black & White, 6"x8". 4/2016 File: Worcester Family
00670.0 Framed photo: Worcester Family:Helen,Orman, Edith, Warren, Marian, Donald. About 1940. Black & White, 9"x11". 4/2016 File: Worcester Family
00671.0 Quietside Trail Map. SWH & Tremont Chamber of Commerce. No date (2016). 22"x28". 6/2016 File: Maps
00672.0 Gilgo Beach: A Folk Opera. By George Swanson. Copyright 2012. 11 Pages, 8 1/2" x 11". Oppression of women and children. 5/2016 File: Swanson
00673.0 Lobster Wonderland. Article by John Holyoke. Bangor Daily News, June 29, 2016, p. 1. Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound at 465 Seawall Rd., owned by Charlotte Gill. 6/2016 File: Restaurants
00674.0 Cemetery access is promised. Article by Mark Good, Mount Desert Islander, June 30, 2016, p. 1. Gilley Burying Ground, near Causeway Club, Fernald Point. 6/2016 File: Cemeteries
00675.0 Man hooks fishermen with reproductions. Article by Mickey Bedell, Bangor Daily News, July 1, 2016, p. C1. Lures by Christopher Augustus. 7/2016 File: Businesses
00676.0 "Punch N Cover." 3 inch round stainless steel half inch deep cover with two hole punchers to make pouring holes in the top of a can of evaporated or condensed milk. Moeller Mfg Co., Greenville, Miss. 7/2016 Box 37
00677.0 Park Theatre playbill poster. 1958. 24" x 15" framed. See also 00726 7/2016 Art
00678.0 After Main Street fire of 1922. Three 3 1/2" x 5" black and white photos. 7/2016 File: Fires SWH
00679.0 United States Partnership Return of Income, Form 1065. 1947. McKinley Canning Company. McKinley, Maine. New company - change of ownership and partners: "The old company, or partnership, was not terminated, but continued to own and rent its property, but otherwise inactive." Old partership 1942: Charles Rich, William Thurston, Henry Wass, Thirza Wass. New partnership (7/1/47): J.E. Wass, Henry Wass, Thirza Wass. Located in what later was the Underwood building. 7/2016 File: Businesses
00680.0 Pemetic High School baseball players: Jimmy Storms, Gardner Mitchell, Bud Kenney. 1950. Black & white photo, 12" x 8 1/2" 7/2016 File: Pemetic Baseball
00681.0 Pemetic sports. Photocopies of newspaper clippings from a scrapbook. 4 pages. 7/2016 File: Pemetic Sports
00682.0 Veterans Trade War Stories at WWII bomber exhibit. Article in Bangor Daily News (?), Sept. 27, 2002 by Aimee Dolloff. George Higgins, Jr. Featured. 7/2016 File: World War II
00683.0 Ocean House brochure. 8 1/2" x 6". George B. Bond and Mrs. Ernest Jones, Proprietors. 7/2016 File: Hotels
00684.0 Map of Mount Desert island Maine. Published by Howe D. Higgins. Distributed by Carroll. 50 cents. 1934. 24" x 30". Rolled. 7/2016 Box 23
00685.0 Timetable for Islesboro, North Haven, Swan's Island, Vinalhaven. Maine State Ferry Service, Fall & Winter, 1968-1969. 6" x 7". 7/2016 File: Boats
00686.0 Mount Desert. Poem by John Franklin Day. Printed in thick coated paper. No date. 6"x 9". 7/2016 File: Poems
00687.0 Official National Survey Maps, with descriptive guide and historical notes for New England. By Lawton V. Crocker. Chester VT., National Survey, 1926. 174 pages. 5 1/2" x 9". 7/2016 File: Maps
00688.0 The Boating Industry of Mount Desert Island. 1981. Bar Harbor Times. 28 pages. 11" x 16". 7/2016 File: Boats
00689.0 Sailing ship bookend set (2 pieces). Plaster, molded. White and blue. Made by Howe D. Higgins. Probably 1950s. 6" high. 7/2016 Box 14
00690.0 Our Neighborhood Manset & Seawall. Southwest Harbor Historical Society, 2015. Edited by John Burnham and Rebecca Burnham. 165 pages. Includes CD of the book. 8 1/2 x 11". [This is the second printing, of 100. See also 00620.0 & 00691 for first and third printing.] 10/2015 Book
00691.0 Our Neighborhood Manset & Seawall. Southwest Harbor Historical Society, 2016. Edited by John Burnham and Rebecca Burnham. 165 pages. Includes CD of the book. 8 1/2" x 11". [This is the third printing of 100. See also 00620.0 & 00690 for first and second printing.] 7/2016 Book
00692.0 Lighthouse Keepers graves to get markers. Article by Matt Mitterhoff in Mount Desert Islander, July 21, 2016, p. 1. Together with invitation from Lighthouse Digest and ceremony program. Honored at Mt. Height Cemetery July 27, 2016 were: James A. Morris, Joseph M. Gray, Albert Staples, Elmer Gonary, Leverett S. Stanley, Joseph M. Muise, & Howard "Bob" Gray. Second cememony Sept. 28, 2016 honoring Vinal Beal, George S. Connors, Willis Dolliver, Thomas "Frank" Faulkingham, Arthur Ginn, Paul Kessler, Rufus King, Vurney I. King, Amos B. Newman, Charles H. Newman, Marnel R. Newman, William J. Newman, Clifford M. Robbins, Fred M. Robbins, Howard P. Robbins, and William Stanley. 7/1/2016, 9/2016 File: Lighthouses
00693.0 "Chipping Away: Bird Carving Continues to flourish as art form." Article by Allen Fennewald in Out and About (Mount Desert Islander supplement), August 2016. Wendell Gilley Museum. Jack Gilley carvings. Same article reprinted in Out and About August 2017. 8/2016 File: Gilley Family
00694.0 Rebekah (Odd Fellows women) costume jewelry pin. 1 1/4". 8/2016 Box 37
00695.0 Two-photo panorama, black and white, framed presentation, both Southwest Harbor and background mountains from Manset. 12" x 15". 8/2016 Art
00696.0 Framed black and white panorama photo, Manset shore from Ocean House. Covers Ocean House Rd to the Stanley House. 16 1/2" x 14 1/2". 8/2016 Art
00697.0 Wilbert and Joan Terry. Biographic article in Paper Talks (yearly) magazine, 2016, pages 8 and 9. 9/2016 File: Terry Family
00698.0 A Romance of Mount Desert: The Jesuit's Ring. By Augustus Allen Hayes. (1887) reprint 1985. 9/2016 Book
00699.0 Art For Fun Drawing and Painting Book. Whitman Publishing Co., 1937. 450 pages 9/2016 Book
00700.0 Acadia National Park centennial official partner decal.2016. 5" round. 9/2016 File: Acadia National Park
00701.0 Best Easy Hikes Acadia National Park. 3rd ed. Delores Kong & Dan Ring. Falcon Guide, 2015. 9/2016 Book
00702.0 Hiking Acadia National Park. 3rd ed. Delores Kong & Dan Ring. Falcon Guide, 2016. 9/2016 Book
00703.0 Main Street Sidewalk Plan. Olver Associates Inc. for the Town of SWH. 2016. Three 11" x 17" sheets. 9/2016 File: Sidewalks
00704.0 Reprints of 2 scrapbook page articles on Walls and related families, 1915-60. Family names: Walls, Clark, Cottle. Genealogy 9/2016 File: Walls Family
00705.0 A Couple in Paradise: Dave and Vickie Lloyd. Seawall Motel owners. Bangor Daily News, Aug. 12, 2016, page C7. 8/2016 File: Hotels
00706.0 The Entrepreneur: Charlotte Gill. Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, Seawall Road. Bangor Daily News, Aug. 12, 2016, Page C4. 8/2016 File: Restaurants
00707.0 Committee to Oversee Cemetery Restoration. By Mark Good. Mount Desert Islander, July 14, 2016. Historical Society/Town Committee. Together with Selectmen Meeting July 12, 2016 minutes. 8/2016 File: Cemeteries
00708.0 Toy. Spin-a-Word Play Wheel. 2 sided. 2 pieces missing. 12" round. 9/2016 GS
00709.0 Toy. Word and Picture Junior Jiggies. Series no. one. 1944. One piece missing. 12" x 20." 9/2016 GS
00710.0 Toy. Noah's Ark Junior Jiggies. Series no. 2. 1946. 12" x 20". 9/2016 GS
00711.0 Toy. ABC Junior Jiggies.Series no. 3. 1946. 12" x 20". 9/2016 GS
00712.0 Exploring Limits: Making Decisions About the use & Development of Maine's Islands. Maine State Plannning Office/ Island Institute. April 1994. 84 pages. 9" x 11". 7/2016 Book
00713.0 Lighthouse Keeper Joseph Muise. Biographical article in Lighthouse Digest, Sept.-Oct. 2016, Pages 24-27. Muise is buried at Mt. Height Cemetery. 9/2016 File: Lighthouses
00714.0 Remembering Those Who Served: Seven Lighthouse Keepers Honored at One Cemetery. Article about the July 27, 2016 ceremony at Mt. Height Cemetery. Lighthouse Digest, Sept.- Oct. 2016. Pages 28-31. 9/2016 File: Lighthouses
00715.0 Bear Island Lighthouse - A Well Kept Secret in Acadia National Park. Article by Timothy Harrison in Lighthouse Digest, Sept.-Oct. 2016, Pages 40-47. Although in the Town of Cranberry Isles, can be seen from SWH. 9/2016 File: Lighthouses
00716.0 SWH Listing of entries on the National Register of Historic Places: Claremont Hotel; Edgecliff, 34 Norwood Lane; Fernald Point Prehistoric Site; Raventhorp, Greening Island; Seawall Campground. Copies of Wikipedia articles. 10/2016 File: National Register
00717.0 Friendship Sloops: Sailing New England. Yearbooks with programs, awards, etc. Friendship Sloop Society. Various years. 10/2016 File: Friendship Sloops
00718.0 Christmas Card. 3" x 4."Old, poor condition. Signed "With Love Hattie." 10/2016 File: Christmas
00719.0 Sutton Post Office. 9 receipts, 1921-26, 1941. 10/2016 File: Sutton Island
00720.0 Horse Trough photos of dedication, recognition, 9/14/2016. Front: Gordon "Bunny" Roberts, Janice Roberts, Henryetta Ponczek, Bernie Mauger, John Burnham, Karen Craig; Rear: Warren Worcester,Phil Whitney, Patty Pinkham,Lynne Birlem, Kathe Newman Walton. 10/2016 File: Horse Trough
00721.0 "Cathy's Visit," Reminiscences of Mary Durant in New England Sampler, April 1961, pages 36-37. Young girl's visit to the "Three Bears" cottage on Carroll's Hill, Southwest Harbor. 10/2016 File: Reminiscences
00722.1 Scrapbooks (3) compiled by Dorothy Marshall of 7 Seawall Point Lane. Candid photos, postcards, area descriptions, etc. of MDI and coastal areas. First volume with Cover photo of Tall ship. See documentation in Deed of Gift binder under "Marshall, Dorothy." 9/2016 Book
00722.2 Second scrapbook. Labelled "Maine 1992." Cover photo of Portland head Lighthouse. 9/2016 Book
00722.3 Third scrapbook. Labelled "Maine 1993." Cover photo of flowers. 9/2016 Book
00723.0 Genealogy of the Robert Carver Family, compiled by Fred E. and Margaret R. Carver, Originally entitled Genealogy of the Rev. Eleazer Carver Family. 1971. Additional data compiled by Franz J. Carver, 1997. CD copy of typescript. 9/2016 File: Carver Genealogy
00724.0 Manset Church [embossed on cover, gold on black binding] Hymnal.Inside title: A selection of spiritual songs with music for use in social meetings. Selected and arranged by Charles S. Robinson. The Century Co., New York, 1881. 8 1/4x 6", 243 pages. 5th ed. See also 00045. 4/2017 Book
00725.0 Park Theatre. Day signs for use with movie posters. Cardboard. 4" x 14". 6 pieces. 4/2017 Art
00726.0 Park Theatre. 6 movie posters. 14" x 24". 1941, 1942, four from 1948. See also 00677. 4/2017 Art
00727.0 Wedding Announcement from newspaper, Dec.14, 1963. Carolyn Brown and Barry Thomas. 4/2017 File: Weddings
00728.0 Seawall in Storm.Color photo by Robert W. Monteleon 3 1/2" x 5". Undated 4/2017 File: Seawall
00729.0 Beal's Lobster Pier. 1992. Color photo. 3 1/2" x 5". 4/2017 File: Beal's Lobster Pier
00730.0 Photo of unidentified woman and child posed in front of car with 1940 "Rhode Island license plate. Black and White, 3" x 5". Mailed from Addie Gilley of Southwest Harbor to Addie Duran, of Cranberry Isles. 4/2017 File: Photos Unidentified
00731.0 Southwest Harbor waterfront. Black and White photo, undadted. 4" x 6". 4/2017 File: Waterfront
00732.0 Horse Trough. Newspaper article. Plaque info, invoice. 4/2017 File: Horse Trough
00733.0 Eastern Maine Basketball Tournament Programs. 1949 (2), 1950, 1951. 11/2016 File: Basketball
00734.0 Manset Boat Yard. Black and White photo, 8 1/2" x 11". Unidentified employees in front of office. Undated. 11/2016 File: Boat Yards
00735.0 Pemetic Hight School Girls basketball team, 1950-51 or 1952-53. Photo Black and White, 7" x 9". 11/2016 File: Basketball
00736.0 Maine Teamster a Memory Maker. Newspaper article on Chris Lawlor by David Walsh, Bangor Daily News, undated. 11/2016 File: Lawler/Lawlor Family
00737.0 Manset Union Church. Program of service, May 13, 1951. 11/2016 File: Manset Church
00738.0 Pemetic High School Eastern Maine Champions. Black & White photo, 5" x 10" 11/2016 File: Basketball
00739.0 Pemetic High School Cheerleaders, early 1950s. Black & White photo, 7" x 9". 11/2016 File: Cheerleaders
00740.0 Pemetic High School Reunion, 50th, 1948-1998. Program. 11/2016 File: Pemetic H.S. Reunion
00741.0 Red Cross Official finds Germany striving…. Article about Francis E. "Micky" Fahey by Eleanor Newman. Bangor Daily News, May 28-29, 1949. Post World War II conditions in Germany. See also 00452. 11/2016 World War II
00742.0 Redbook. 101st edition, 2016. See also 00291. Also Mount Desert Islander article by Dick Broom, August 3, 2012 on "Summer Society's Redbook turns 100." 5/2017 File: Redbook
00743.0 Telephone book cover, 1985? Plastic. Advertising for local companies and emergency numbers. 18" x 11". 5/2017 File: Telephone
00744.0 Mop handle. Wood, 4' high. 5/2017 G.S.
00745.0 Andrew Tarr house, 234 Main Street. 2017 For sale information. Seven pages, color photos. Also photocopies of pages from Thornton, Traditions…, pages 121, 138, and 143 on this house. Also 6 sheets from National Register of Historic Places application sheets. Also 6 sheets from Register application for 110 Fernald Point Road, the Tobias and Comfort Tarr House. Tarr genealogy. 5/2017 File: Houses
00746.0 "You're never too old to learn new things," Article by Emily Burnham, Bangor Daily News, May 4, 2017, page C.1. About Ruth Grierson and music. 5/2016 File: Music
00747.0 Pemetic Elementry School Yearbook. 1975, 1978, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014-15 in single issue. See also 00416, 00646. 6/2017 File: Pemetic El. Sch. Yearbook
00748.0 Main Street, Southwest Harbor. Photocopy of photograph with buildings labelled. List of buildings in the fire of 1922, showing buildings in 1922 and those in the same location in about 2000 and colored drawing of which buildings were damaged and which destroyed. 3 pages. 4/2017 File: Main Street
00749.0 Sampler, 1906, 19" x 19". Found in the attic of the Kingsleigh Inn, 377 Main St., Oct. 31, 2016 by Cummins E. Speakman, son of Julie Avelia Speakman, Grandson of Annie Holmes Rice, Great-grandson of Anson Irving Holmes and Avelia Smallidge Holmes, who built the Inn. Emma Holmes was thier daughter. List of signers attached. 11/2016 Box 42
00750.0 Tatting with two needles. Two strands 34" x 2". White. Bagged with explanation of tatting. 11/2016 Box 42
00751.0 Dresses, two piece wedding dress, white. Clothing 11/2016 Box 42
00752.0 Pair of black fur boots. 10" high. Clothing. 11/2016 Box 42
00753.0 Scenic photo, color, framed, by Chas. Higgins. 12" x 6". Clothing. 11/2016 Box 42
00754.0 Magazines. Saturday Evening Post Dec. 5, 19, & 26, 1936; Jan. 9, 16, 23, Feb. 13 &27, 1937. Life Nov. 23, 1936; Country Gentleman Feb., Mar.1937; Radio Guide Dec. 26, 1936; Sears Roebuck Catalog, 1936. Portland Sunday Telegram 2 sets of color comics, Dec. 6, 1936, Jan. 3, 1937. Bar Harbor Times Sept. 16, 1937, Sept. 23, 1937, April 30, 1937.From the Stewart family, who built the house at 361 Seawall Rd. in 1936. Gift of present owner. 4/2017 Box 43
00755.1 William Searles Scholarship Foundation Poster, encased in plastic. 11 1/2" x 17 1/2". Searles graduated from Pemetic H.S. in 1948, died in accident 1952. Scholarship started 1953. 7/2017 Box 44
00755.2 William Searles Scholarship Foundation ledger, 1953-1993. 12" x 7 1/2". 7/2017 Box 44
00756.0 Pump Sprayer. Tin pump used for spraying water to clean wagons and buggies. Missing a piston pump handle. 28" high. 7/2017 GS
00757.0 Cruise ship visit decried. Article by Mark Good in Mount Desert Islander, July 13, 2017 about proposal of ship Pearl Mist to visit Southwest Harbor. Sec. 1 p. 1, Also in same issue Editorial: Saving the Great Harbor, page 10, and editorial cartoon by Joe Marshall, page 11. Cruise Ship Ban Floated, article by Mark Good, Mount Desert Islander, July 20, 2017, Sec. 1, page 1. Moratorium on Ships Set, article by Mark Good in Mount Desert Islander,July 22, 2017, Sec. 1, page 1. 7/2017 File: Cruise ships
00758.0 Inn was WW II Navy Base. Article by Earl Brechlin in special Bar Harbor Inn 130 year Celebration section, page 3. Mentions, with photo, 1944 K-14 Blimp crash in World War II. Mount Desert Islander, July 20, 2017. 7/2017 File: World War II
00759.0 Meet the Reading Room's Renaissance Man. Article by Liz Graves in special Bar Harbor Inn 130 year Celebration section page 7. Features Maurice "Joe" Marshall. Mount Desert Islander, July 20, 2017. 7/2017 File: Marshall, Maurice "Joe"
00760.0 Townhouse Project Floated. Article by Mark Good, Mount Desert Islander, July 27, 2017, Sec. 1, page 1. "Blueberry Ledge subdivision, 291 Main St. by William Patten. 7/2017 File: Houses
00761.0 Color photos by Ronald W. Monteleon in 1980s or 90s.4 harbor scenes, 5 Causeway Club, 1 Claremont Hotel, 1 Southwest Harbor Days parade, 1 Jack Rosebrook's Red Boat. All 8" x 10". One copy of Red Boat framed 13" x 16". 7/2017 File: Photos by Monteleon
00762.0 Women and Holy Orders, (book) by Charles Raven, including A Brief History of the First Fifteen Women Priests. The Propers Press, Kansas City Mo., i974. One of the 15 Katrina Welles Swanson, who wrote a notice of the gift to neighbor Susan Burnham Raven. 7/2017 File: Swanson
00763.0 Maine Magazine, Aug. 2017. Cover and articles on Hinckley Company and Morris Yachts. 7/2017 File: Hinckley Company
00764.0 Rosebrook family genealogical information. From Nineteenth Century Tremont Area Families by Kenneth Watson Stewart, 2003. Also obituary of Jack Rosebrook. 8/2017 File: Rosebrook family
00765.0 U.S. Navy Inflatable Life Belt, World War II. Descriptive information from computer search included. 8/2017 Box 45
00766.0 Class Ring, 1936, Pemetic High School. James Kingsley Dolliver. Found in attic of Winifred Clark. Together with information on Mr. Dolliver. Some genealogy. 7/2017 File: Dolliver Family
00767.0 Hope From the Ashes: The 1947 Fire that united an island community. Mount Desert Islander, Aug. 24, 2017. Special section, MDI Hospital 120th Anniversary Historic Journal, page 16-19. 8/2017 File: Bar Harbor Fire
00768.0 Park Theatre. Two lobby posters for silent movie "Good Night Paul" 1918. Starring Constatnce Talmadge. Produced by Select Pictures. Dark sepia on crumbling cardboard. Originally 11" x 14". With photocopies of the posters and info about the movie. Kept with 00725, 00726 and 00769 in ART 4/2017 ART
00769.0 Park Theatre. Lobby poster for movie "The House of Glass," 1918 starring Clara Kimball Young. Produced by Select Pictures. Original on thin cardboard, 8" x 10". With photocopy and Wikipedia entry for the actress. No info on film available. Kept with 00725, 00726, and 00768 in ART 4/2017 ART
00770.0 Dirigo Flyer, Newsletter of th Maine Aviation Historical Society. The Air War Comes to Maine, Article by Jim Chichetto. Volume VI No. 4, April 1998. 6 pages, photopcopy. Article on K-14 Blimp shot down off Mount Desert Rock by German submarine, 1944. 9/2017 File: K-14 Blimp
00771.0 Material from web site on Crash boats. Pages (5) copied refer specifically to 85 foot models, such as one at Southwest Harbor Crash Boat Station, which is R-21-1251, built by Detroit Basin, Inc. in Michigan. 9/2017 File: Crash Boat Rescue
00772.0 George Gaines Swanson. Old Time American Folksongs. 10 minute Demo cassette tape. 9/2017 File: Swanson
00773.0 George Gaines Swanson - Live! The Art Gallery Concert, July 19, 1995. Cassette tape. 9/2017 File: Swanson
00774.0 Senior Class of Southwest Harbor High School requests your presence at the Commencement Exercises, Friday Evening, June the Tenth at Park Theater. 1921. 3" x 10". 9/2017 File: Pemetic High Sc Graduation
00775.1 Manset Church. Brief History of the Church from 1792 to about 1952. 2 pages. Photocopy of original handwritten work by Edna Jellison, together with typescript of same, one page. 9/2017 File: Manset Church
00775.2 Manset Union Church, United Church of Christ. Brief historical typescript. One page 9/2017 File: Manset Church
00775.3 Manset Union Church. Weekly leaflet Apr. 16, 1989. 1 Page 9/2017 File: Manset Church
00775.4 Manset Union Church. 2000 Annual Meeting Pastor's Report by Dick Carter, 1 Page. 9/2017 File: Manset Church
00775.5 By-laws of the Manset Union Church. Adopted March 26, 1959. 3 pages 9/2017 File: Manset Church
00775.6 Deed of Manset Baptist Church Corp. Sells property to the First National Bank of Bar Harbor, March 22, 1941. Signed by Treasurer Julia N. Parker, Notorized by Thomas Searles.One eleventh of an acre, no mention of a building. 2 photocopied pages. 9/2017 File: Manset Church
00775.7 Notes, probably by Edna Jellison, on the Manset Union Church repair of steeple 1919-1922. Photocopy of handwritten note. 9/2017 File: Manset Church
00776.0 Harold R. Beal. Beal's Lobster wharf. Biographical sketch in Paper Talks, 2017, pages 6-10. 9/2017 Box 16
00777.0 Don Reed. Biographical sketch in Paper Talks, 2014, page 3. 9/2017 Box 16
00778.0 Walter Norwood, Sr. Biographical sketch in Paper Talks, 2014, page 4 9/2017 Box 16
00779.0 Richard Allen. Biographical sketch in Paper Talks, 2014, page 10 9/2017 Box 16
00780.0 Bernard Woods. Biographical sketch in Paper Talks, 2014, Page 12 9/2017 Box 16
00781.0 Herbert Tilden Wilbur, M.D. (b. Aug. 15, 1911, d. Mar.5, 1993, buried Ledgelawn Cem. Bar Harbor) Physician's case for home visits. 14" x 6" x 8" high, leather. Contents: Receipt pag 6" x 3" wiith one page carbor filled out to Rodney Lunt for $10 for house visit and treatment for acute indigestion, no date. Hammer instrument. Rubber air blower 4". Velcro tourniquet. Zipper case 3" x 7" x1 1/2" with medical flashlight. 9/2017 G.S.
00782.0 Herbert T. Wilbur, M.D. Physician's case for home visits. 17" x 9" x 10" high. Leather. Contents: Blood pressure cuff in 7" leather case. Snap case 5" x 4" x 1" E.I. Lilly, liquid medicines in tiny bottles. Zipper case 10" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" Pittman Moore 10 pill bottles. Side pockets withscissors and many medicines. Scattered at bottom of case many tubes and bottles of medicines. 9/2017 G.S.
00783.0 Boat propeller. Brass Roper double-bladed Wheel propeller, c.1913. Found in Paul & June Faulkingham house at 85 Herrick Road, SWH. 16" x 8" x4". 9/2017 Box 45
00784.0 Pemetic High School Alumni Association. Annual Reports. First meeting, Aug. 17, 1928 through 1953. Includes Southwest Harbor High School. 9/2017 File: Pemetic High Sch. Alumni
00785.0 Manset Union Church, National Register of Historic Places Registration Form. 2001 9/2017 File: Manset Church
00786.0 Chris's Pond: A Town's Memories Etched In Ice. Article by Nan Lincoln in Bar Harbor Times, January 12, 1989. Typed copy , 3 pages. Chris Lawlor 12/2151 File: Lawler/Lawlor Family
00787.0 The Boston Post Cane: A Glimpse at a New England Tradition. Article by Robert Hardy in Bar Harbor Times Selects, Jan. 18,1990. pages 1 &2. 9/2017 File: Boston Post Cane
00788.0 The Year Maine Burned. Acadia National Park one page handout on the Bar Harbor Fire. Apparent date is 8/08. 9/2017 File: Bar Harbor Fire
00789.0 Bar Harbor's Last Stand. Article by Francis and Katharine Drake in Reader's Digest, July 1948. pages 109 - 114, photocopy. 9/2017 File: Bar Harbor Fire
00790.0 Grinder for meat or other material. Keystone brand. Riverside Forge Co., Wrightsville, PA, USA, #2011. With base, auger, handle, and 6 grinding plates. Cast iron, four suction cups. Base painted red. 9" x 7". 9/2017 Box 41
00791.1 Stanley House Brochure, c.1894. Second structure. E[stella]. Benson Stanley. Photocopy, 5 1/2 x 3 1/2". 9/2017 File: Hill, John B. Gift
00791.2 Photos (3). Esella Benson Stanley, William F. Stanley, William S. Stanley. 9/2017 File: Hill, John B. Gift
00791.3 Photo of Captain Warren White, June 1931, father of Edith Stanley. Captain of the "Silver Spray," later "Lucy-Evelyn."Picture of that boat. Obituaries of Capt. White and of Mrs. Harriet Cleaves Coffin. 9/2017  
00791.4 Newspaper articles photocopied. Launch dragger "Dorothy & Edith" for Derby Stanley and Warren Stanley, Aug. 25, 1944. Two Fishermen Asphyxiated. Double services for Ralph Ramsdell and Warren Stanley. Obituaries for both. April 14, 1948. 9/2017 File: Hill, John B. Gift
00791.5 Edith Stanley obituary, Oct. 6, 1980, photocopied with cover of Stanley House brochure. 9/2017 File: Hill, John B. Gift
00791.6 Sketch of 141 Shore Rd, Manset, water side of house. July 3, 1906 by Edith Lanman. 9/2017 File: Hill, John B. Gift
00791.7 Area scenes, color photocopies. One is of Jess Getchell in sports car. 9/2017 File: Hill, John B. Gift
00791.8 Photocopies of various pages from Our Neighborhood of Shore Road (5) and Seawall Road (5) houses, with annotations. Same, of 2 pages on Stanley House from Shettleworth Mount Desert Island, Images of America. 9/2017 File: Hill, John B. Gift
00791.9 Delorme Street Atlas, page on Southwest Harbor. Copy with notes. 9/2017 File: Hill, John B. Gift
00792.0 Great Duck Island Lighthouse. Photocopy of web entry of 10/2017 File: Lighthouses
00793.0 Southwest Harbor Tremont Larger Parish. Rededication service at the Manset Church, Sept. 19, 1937. Bar Harbor Times, Sept. 23, 1937, page 8. 10/2017 File: Manset Church
00794.0 Excavation Work Started For High School Building at Southwest Harbor. Bangor Daily News, Dec. 11, 1937, page 15. Photocopy. 10/2017 File: Pemetic High School
00795.0 Aylens Bid Farewell to Main Street. Article by Nan Lincoln in Mount Desert Islander, Oct. 5, 2017, sec. 2, page 1. 10/2017 File: Businesses
00796.0 Charlotte Rhoades Park. Fund raising letter, with photos. 10/2017 File: Rhoades Park
00797.0 History IT Friends of Island History. Collection Assessment Report for Southwest Harbor Historical Society. 22 pages. Undated [Summer 2017] 10/2017 File: Friends of Island History
00798.0 Darning eggs (2). Wood. Used in repair of socks, etc. 10/2017 Box 41
00799.0 Iron-on Fabric. One roll. Use to repair cloth tears. LucasProducts, Inc. $.39. 10/2017 Box 41
00800.0 View-Master. Viewer and 27 View-Master Reels. 10/2017 Box 41
00801.0 Southwest Harbor Me. A Glimpse of Long Pond. Postcard. Hugh C. Leighton Co. Portland, ME. #25873. Printed in Germany. One penny stamp. Sent from Islesford mar. 22,1909. 9/2017 File: Postcards
00802.0 Isa Dreier Paintings and Drawings. An exhibition at the Captain's Cottage and the College of the Atlantic Mount Desert Island, Maine August 26 to September 19, 1998. Intro by Susan Dreier. Essay by Phyllis Anina Thompson Moriarty. Flying Mountain Press 1998. 9" x 9" 72 pages. With photocopy of Review by Jenna Russell, Bangor Daily News Sept. 12-13, 1998. 10/2017 Book
00803.0 The Health Book. Royal S. Copeland, M.D. Title page missing. Owned by Barbara Dolliver, graduation from high school gift 1939. 435 pages. 10/2017 Book
00804.1 Waterman's Autograph Album. Copyright 1932.Property of Tina Combs, Hall Quarry Maine. 5" x7" 10/2017 File: Albers gifts
00804.2 Calling card: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kenneth Savage & Mrs. George A. Savage, with envelope 2" x 3". 10/2017 File: Albers gifts
00804.3 Photo, black & white, of Ruth Gillis, 1940, sitting on car bumper. 3" x 4" 10/2017 File: Albers gifts
00804.4 Photo, black & white, of Barbara Dolliver, age 2, mother of donor. 2 1/2"x 2 1/2" 10/2017 File: Albers gifts
00805.0 Target Brownie Six-20 box camera. Name does not appear on camera, but this is a Kokak camera and produced from 1946 to 1952. 5" x 3" x 4" high. 10/2017 Box 41
00806.0 Jellison's Mink Farm. Entry copied from Our Neighborhood, pages 15-16. 10/2017 File: Jellison Family
00807.0 Telecommunications tower proposal to the Town of Southwest Harbor. To be constructed on Freeman Ridge. Edge Consulting Engineers, Inc. Sept. 5, 2017. 10/2017 File: Telecommunications
00808.0 Folding tea cart from the dining room of the Ocean House, Manset. 36" x 18". 10/2017 GS
00809.0 Graduation items, Class of 1934, Pemetic. Framed 17" x12", includes Announcement, Program, tickets, and calling cards of Velora Etta Beal and Rosamond Virginia Beal. 10/2017 Box 33
00810.0 Photo of Velora and R. Virginia Beal. 9 1/2" x 12". 10/2017 Box 33
00811.1 Bangor Daily News. 5/3/1945. Berlin capured. 10/2017 Box 43
00811.2 Bangor Daily News. 5/5-6/1945. Nazis Fading Fast. 10/2017 Box 43
00811.3 Bangor Daily News. 5/8/1945. Today is "V-E" Day. 10/2017 Box 43
00811.4 Bangor Daily News. 11/23-24/1963. Kennedy Slain 10/2017 Box 43
00811.5 Bangor Daily News. 9/12/2001. Terror Hits Home. 10/2017 Box 43
00811.6 Bangor Daily News. 9/13/2001. U.S. Hunts Conspirators. 10/2017 Box 43
00811.7 Boston Herald Traveler. 7/25/1969. World Hails Moon Men. 10/2017 Box 43
00812.1 Seat pad. Round, 17". Braided white and light blue. 10/2017 Box 33
00812.2 Seat pad. Round, 17". Knit pieces stitched together. 10/2017 Box 33
00812.3 Seat pad. Round, 17". Knit pieces stitched together. 10/2017 Box 33
00813.0 New Civilian Defense Signals, Southwest Harbor, Manset, Sea Wall. Typewritten index card with alarm signals and directions to get new armband. Found by donor under attic floorboards at old Murphy House at 376 Main St. during preparation for demolition. 10/2017 File: World War II
00814.0 Calendar, 1941. Greetings from T. Searles, Jr. 5 c to $1.00 Store, Southwest Harbor ME. Color picture of mother and baby and 1" x3" calendar. Total size 6" x 10 1/2". Found by donor under attice floorboards at old Murphy house at 376 Main St. during preparation for demolition. 10/2017 File: Businesses
00815.0 Photos of Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island Maine. Copyright 1904 by I.T. Moore, Photographer. Northeast Harbor, Maine. The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y. 23 pages, black & white photos. 7" x 9". 10/2017 File: Northeast Harbor
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