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Announces Its New Book

Our Neighborhood – Manset and Seawall

Southwest Harbor Historical Society announces the publication of a new book featuring the homes and buildings of the southern part of town, Manset and Seawall, covering Manset Corner to Ship Harbor. In part it is an update of Nell Thornton’s 1938 classic Traditions and Records of Southwest Harbor and Somesville. With benefit of modern building numbering and the availability of computer-accessible data, this new Society publication clearly lays out each of the 365 buildings with comprehensive deed work. More than 125 fascinating historic and current photos accompany text in this one hundred sixty page 8 ½ by 11 book. Eleven maps also lay out this section of Southwest Harbor. It is published in black and white, but included is a compact disc, which will present half of the photos in color, as well as allow searches by names and useful terms. This would be a grand gift for those who live or used to live in this area or just enjoy local history. The price, including the disc, is $35.00 each. There is a $4.00 mailing cost.
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